Preparing the Patient for MVA

Provider MVA Script

This script can be used in part or in full by providers while performing an MVA; it gives step-by-step explanations of what the provider is doing and how the patient may feel during each step.


Pain Management

This training outline provides an introduction to and opportunities to role play the Vocal Local technique, a holistic, non- or low-dose pharmacologic approach practiced by the health care team for the relief of pain and anxiety, and used to support the patient during the entire visit.
This document addresses the types and origins of discomfort that women may experience during MVA and several techniques that amy be used to decrease this discomfort. 


Introduction to Products of Conception

Introduction to Products of Conception and FAQs Training Outline

Introduction to Products of Conception and Patient FAQs Outline


FAQs about Miscarriage Management

This exercise is designed to increase staff's comfort and confidence in talking about early pregnancy loss and aspects of miscarriage management. It is highly interactive and provides opportunities to model patient-centered language. 
A list of frequently asked questions for support staff about miscarriage, products of conception, and the MVA procedure. 


Case Studies

Miscarriage Management Case Studies training provides the opportunitiy for staff to discuss the various aspects of managing a woman's miscarriage in an outpatient setting. 
A series of case studies in miscarriage management.