TEAMM Training Materials

General Training Outlines

All staff didactic “ Do Nothing, Do Something, Do Surgery: Management of Early Pregnancy Loss” - an overview of outpatient miscarriage management care
Facilitated training & discussion on integration of a new service for support staff
Facilitated discussion guide: What are the steps in providing care at my clinic?
Facilitated discussion guide: Hopes and Hesitations for starting outpatient miscarriage management services
Interactive Opinions Exercise and Handout
Guide to debriefing a new service
FAQs about Miscarriage Management

FAQ Training Outline
FAQ Handout

Case Studies

Case Studies Training Outline
Case Studies Handout

Uterine Evacuation Training Resources

The Uterine Evacuation Procedure training guide
Papaya Workshop training outline and materials list
The Papaya Workshop Online
Sample ‘vocal local’ script for providers
Additional Training Topics/Resources: Pain Management

Vocal Local Training Exercise
MVA for Uterine Evacuation: Pain Management

Introduction to Products of Conception

Introduction to Products of Conception and FAQs Training Outline
Introduction to Products of Conception and Patient FAQs Outline


Coding for Miscarriage Management
Interrupted Pregnancy Coding

Patient Education and Counseling Resources

Patient Aftercare Instructions
Miscarriage: Your Treatment Options and What to Expect
Early Pregnancy Loss
"Planet of Pain"
"Women's experience of viewing the products of conception after an abortion"
"Planet of Pain"
"Confronting the inevitable: A conceptual model of miscarriage for use in clinical practice and research"
Reference Article: Research based practice with women who have had miscarriage

TEAMM Supplementary Materials

MVA for Uterine Evacuation: Pain Management
Steps for Performing Manual Vacuum Aspiration
Equipment Ordering Form
Miscarriage Management Options
Guide to counseling patients
MVA Sample Protocol
Misoprostol Sample Protocol
Sample Nursing Protocol for MVA Management in the Outpatient Setting
Rhogram Administration
Managing MVA Complications
Staff Competency Checklist
Evaluation of 1st Trimester Bleeding
Uterine Aspiration Procedure Record