UW Excellence in Women's Health Award


To recognize and reward a graduating UW medical student who demonstrated unparalleled excellence during their OB/GYN required rotation.


  1. Received an HONORS on OB/GYN rotation
  2. Applying to OB/GYN Residency
  3. Characteristics:
    a. True advocate for patients
    b. Compassionate and kind to all patients
    c. Demonstrated passion for Women's Health
    d. Excellent fund of knowledge
    e. Excellent operative skills
    f. Efficient and effective in outpatient clinic
    g. Worked well with all team members, including RNs and MAs
    h. Someone you would want in your practice in the future
    i. Someone you would want to care for you in the future


Certificate and Cash Award


2013: Kara Sawyer

2014: Shannon Rush

2015: Kelli McEntee

2016: Anna Greer

2017: Elena Pellicer