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 This site requires students to complete drug screening. Please see details here

Student Experience

Students will be assigned to one or two physicians during their rotation and follow that physician in seeing clinic patients, hospitalized patients, surgeries, and deliveries. The student will be expected to take call with the precepting physician, typically one day per week and one weekend during the rotation. The student will typically see two-three clinic days, one OR day, and one day on call on Labor and Delivery each week. Students will assist with abdominal, vaginal, and laparoscopic surgery. They will triage labor patients, monitor labor progress, and perform supervised vaginal deliveries. In clinic, they will take histories and perform physical exams and assist with or perform all clinic procedures, such as IUD placement and removal, colposcopies, biopsies, etc.

We will be offering in-office surgeries, urologic testing, and lactation services which can be observed and assisted by a medical student.


There is a well-established women's health CME series which occurs every other month. There are also multiple other CME series, many of which are applicable to women's health. 


Students will be required to attend orientation at the University of Washington on the first day of the clerkship. Orientation begins at 8:30am in room BB667H. 

Transportation & Housing

Students will stay in a 5 bedroom house provided by PeaceHealth. Details will be provided to students shortly before the start of their rotation.  Students are responsible for providing their own transportation for this clerkship.