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Orientation & Preceptor Appointments

On the first day you will attend a general Ob/Gyn clerkship orientation, followed by an introduction to the University/Harborview site. Service assignments, clinic, lecture and call schedules are distributed at this time. All 665 students spend three weeks on GYN Non-Tumor at University Medical Center or the GYN service at Harborview Medical Center. Students with a strong interest in a particular GYN service may request specific assignments by calling the Ob/Gyn Clerkship Administrator (543-3892) no later than two weeks prior to the first rotation day. Requests will be honored as scheduling allows.

The orientation schedule includes time for students to contact their assigned first period Preceptor to arrange regular meeting times (averaging an hour per week). In the third week of the rotation, students should contact their second period Preceptor to make similar meeting arrangements.

Clinical Experience

Each student is assigned to either a resident or an Attending throughout the rotation. The student accompanies the assigned physician as she/he sees patients and performs parts of the history and physical as directed. All physicians see patients with the student, and together do the work up and decide on patient care. Of the three weeks on the OB service, one week is night float; the other two are on Labor & Delivery and in OB clinics.

Ward work and workups of in-hospital patients are done under the supervision of residents and/or faculty attendings. (A good plan is to decide what you would do for the patient, based on information you have gathered, then ask the resident staff or faculty attending for confirmation or constructive criticism of your management plan. You learn more, and remember longer, by being a proactive part of the process.) Much of the teaching is done by residents; in return, students provide considerable help to the residents' care of patients, but this too is a learning experience. (Ask why the tests or procedures are done and what the options are for each patient.)

Call & Pagers

Each student has one "night float" of call. Night float consists of five nights of call with no clinical responsibilities the following day.

Students on call need to establish a helpful and cooperative rapport with the Labor and Delivery staff and need to be available. Students who are readily available in the delivery area accomplish far more hands-on activity than those who are difficult to locate. Meals are not supplied during call.

Pagers are encouraged but not required. If you do not have a pager you will need to make sure you have cell phone service in all areas of the hospital as you will be expected to use your cell phone as you would a pager. 

Medical Student Guide

The OB/GYN Residents created this medical student guide to help students rotating on L&D during their rotations. This guide will be distributed at orientation, but it might be helpful for students to review prior to the clerkship start date.


Parking is not provided by the University of Washington for this rotation. Please contact the UW Transportation Office for parking options.


Wednesday mornings are reserved for clerkship lectures and occasionally Departmental Grand Rounds (this schedule may vary during Summer quarter). 

Final Exams & Grades

The Final Exam is given at University Medical Center on the last day of the clerkship. Exam results are combined with the results of ward and clinic performance evaluations, workups, and oral topic presentations to determine the final grade. Preceptors and Chief Residents on each service are expected to evaluate students assigned to their services.

At the conclusion of exams, students are required to complete a thoughtful and honest teaching assessment and overall clerkship evaluation. Rental textbooks must be returned to the Clerkship Administrator before the end of the last clerkship day.

Final Comments

We hope your Ob/Gyn Clerkship rotation at University of Washington/Harborview Medical Center site will be an enjoyable and challenging learning experience. Please feel free to contact the Clerkship Administrator's office at 543-3892 in RR601 any time during the rotation if you have additional questions or perceive a problem.