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Student must complete credentialing from Swedish at least 5 weeks prior to start of Clerkship


I would like to welcome you to Swedish Medical Center/First Hill. I hope your clerkship in obstetrics and gynecology will be both profitable and enjoyable. While you are here, I will be your primary liaison person with the University of Washington.

Unlike many of the other clerkship sites, Swedish is a private hospital, and this fact has both good and bad aspects. The good news is that you will receive a tremendous amount of direct supervision from practicing obstetricians/gynecologists who will always be available to teach you. Overall, you should receive a very clear picture of what the day-to-day practice of obstetrics and gynecology is. The bad news is that, on average, the hands-on obstetrics experience is relatively low. However, if we can judge by the performance of past Swedish students on the final examinations, you will learn at least as much basic Ob/Gyn as do the students at any of the other sites.

Prior to Your Rotation

The GME's standard practice for all medical student rotators is to apply at least 3 weeks prior to clerkship start date, with paperwork and modules due one week in advance.  Please click here for required credentialing paperwork. When filling out the paper please note that your preceptor will be Dr. Allen South and your insurance carrier is the UW, Risk Services Department.

Meetings and Conferences

There are regularly-scheduled didactic teaching sessions for the Family Practice R1's who are on their OB rotation. These teaching sessions occur at 8:00 a.m. in the 5-Southwest Conference Room. The medical students are invited to these sessions, but if your preceptor is going to be in surgery or has a patient in labor for you to follow, this would take precedence and you would be excused from the session. Some of these sessions may occasionally be held on Wednesday; when this occurs, you are excused from the Wednesday morning teaching sessions at the University (please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you will miss Wednesday UW Lectures).

The Ob/Gyn Department holds conferences every Thursday morning from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. These conferences are for the benefit of the attending staff as well as the residents and medical students. The conferences are scheduled as follows:

  • 1st Thursday: Perinatal Autopsy Conference
  • 2nd Thursday: Thursday Morning Genetics Conference
  • 3rd Thursday: No Conference
  • 4th Thursday: OB M&M Conference
  • 5th Thursday: No conference


The remainder of your experience at Swedish will be spent in a private office with a physician or physicians who have volunteered to serve as teaching faculty. Under their supervision, you will see Ob/Gyn patients, perform pelvic examinations, help with minor office procedures, and assist at surgery. These doctors have arranged their office scheduling to accommodate having you and so if, for any reason, you will be absent from the office at a time other than the regularly scheduled conferences, please be certain to so inform your supervising physician as far in advance as possible.

At the beginning of your clerkship you should sit down with your supervising physician and arrive at a mutual understanding of expectations. Specifically, you should know that you are not expected to see every patient with your supervising physician; this would represent an overload. Rather, you should see selected patients with whom you will generally spend more time, while your supervising physician may be seeing additional patients.

During the early part of your clerkship, while you and your supervising physician are becoming acquainted, expect to assist rather than perform. As the clerkship progresses, you should be granted an increasing degree of independence in working with the patients. If you feel that such is not taking place, you should feel free to discuss the matter with your supervising physician.

In addition to the didactic sessions with the FP R1's, you should also meet once a week with your preceptor, which will provide opportunity for more informal discussion of individual cases, Ob/Gyn conditions, review of workups, etc.


You will be submitting your formal written patient workups to your preceptor. It has proved more difficult to have students do a large number of workups at Swedish than at other sites, and so the general clerkship rule of "a workup a week" will not apply here; however, during the course of your stay, you should do four workups, which your preceptor will review.


You are expected to make the brief presentation required of all third year OB students, as described in the University Orientation. You will be giving your presentation to your preceptor.

Call & Pagers

There is no specifically assigned night call on this rotation; this arrangement does not seem to work in the setting of a private office where there always appear to be alternating light and heavy stretches of time with regard to the number of deliveries. Therefore, you should arrange individually with your supervising physician to be available nights and weekends as much as possible during the early part of your rotation. That way, if you receive a sufficient amount of labor room experience early on, you can cut back on your availability later and spend more of your off hours time reading. However, if the early part of your clerkship proves to be light, you can then continue your availability throughout the entire six weeks. You must leave your home phone number with your supervising physician who will call you when one of his or her patients is admitted to the labor floor. You are expected to follow this patient throughout her entire labor, and then to assist or perform the delivery with your supervising physician. The Swedish Hospital policy forbids assigning medical students to the labor floor to act in an unsupervised fashion, and so your labor room work will be essentially limited to patients of your supervising physician group; however, if another obstetrician should strike up an acquaintance with you on Labor & Delivery, and invite you to participate in the care of one of his or her patients, feel free to do so. In addition, if your supervising physician's load of obstetrics patients is particularly light, he or she may make arrangements with another obstetrician so that you will receive a sufficient number of laboring patients to follow during your rotation.

Pagers are required and will not be provided to students. Students are expected to have a pager or have their cell phones available for use on their first day of rotation.

Policy on Medical Students in the OR

It is the policy of the Surgical Services Department that medical students serving clerkships or preceptorships with operating surgeons may scrub and assist or observe after demonstrating their proficiency to function safely in the Operating Room to an Education/Resource Office Supervisor. You should arrange this directly with the Surgical Services Education Department by calling Jerry Downen at 386-6213. (Note: If you have successfully completed a surgery rotation, you will be considered qualified to assist or observe your Ob/Gyn preceptor in the OR, but you will still need to contact Jerry Downen to inform him of this). Additionally, your preceptor needs to "book" your name on the OR schedule when schedulĀ­ing each case so that the OR may have a record of each person scrubbed in.

For any problem that may arise during your clerkship, please contact Bryan Fujimoto in the Ob/Gyn administrative office at 386-6051, or myself. Note: There is no site-specific paperwork required by Swedish for this rotation.

Allen South, MD
Director, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Director of Education for Ob/Gyn
Swedish Medical Center/Seattle