Clerkship Policies

Switching Clerkship Sites

Per the UWSOM Student Handbook, the following policy applies to students interested in switching clerkship rotations (pg 84):

Third Year Required Clerkships
Once the third year clinical schedules are published, students will have a two-week window to review their
assigned clerkship sites and timeframes. During that two-week review period, students have the
opportunity to "swap/trade" with other students.

"Swap/Trade" Rules
Students who wish to attempt a "swap/trade" of either site or timeframe or both will be required to find
another student willing to "swap/trade" via student-initiated communication. Agreeable parties are
required to set-up an appointment with the SOM Registrar to review, approve, and facilitate the schedule
change. Many factors are taken into consideration prior to approving a "swap/trade" and include, but are
not limited to, schedule and travel coordination, housing availability, and academic standing.

Once clinical schedules are finalized (two weeks after initial publication) students may not drop, add, or
change their required clerkships for the remainder of the year. Approval of any schedule changes due to
extenuating circumstances must be approved by the Associate Dean for Curriculum. Students who feel
they have extenuating circumstances requiring a schedule change after the finalization of clinical
schedules should contact the School of Medicine's Registrar. The Registrar and the Assistant to the
Associate Dean for Curriculum will arrange for the student to meet with the Associate Dean for

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology will not approve any switch during the academic year, unless it is proposed by Dr. Mendiratta (i.e. when there is an open spot in WWAMI we will offer it to any student scheduled in the Seattle-area during that time frame). Please do NOT contact our clerkship site directors to propose a swap. Any students wishing to change clerkship sites must have this approved by the School of Medicine's Registrar. 

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure/Needleprick

For current information regarding what to do for a needleprick, or if you are exposed to a bloodborne pathogen during your clerkship experience, visit

Travel For Clerkships

Please visit the SOM Student Travel website for information regarding travel policies while away on rotations.


For more information regarding clerkship policies, please read the Student Handbook.