Reference Material

APGO's "The Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship: Your Guide to Success" (PDF)

Blood Bourne Pathogens Policy (PDF)

Breast Examination Video (from Loyola University Chicago)

Cesarean Section Video

Clerkship Absentee Policy (UW SOM Policy) (PDF)

Clerkship Exam Schedule Guideline

Clerkship Grading Policy

Clerkship Student Performance Evaluation Form (PDF)

Evaluation of Student Performance in Clinical Curriculum (PDF) * Due by end of week 4 of clerkship

Disability Accommodations

Drug Screening

Knot Tying: online video illustrating various knot tying techniques

Labor & Delivery Abbreviations

Labor and Delivery Orientation (PowerPoint presentation by former resident and current UW faculty member Andrea Prabhu, M.D.)

LCME Patient Log (PDF)

Managing Contraception Handbook is available for download free on iTunes 

Mini-CEx Exams:


Observed History Form (PDF) *Due by end of clerkship

Obstetrics Call: Minimum Expectations

Obstetrics Orders

Online General Orientation (Requires Flash)

Online Surgical Atlas Note: This is a bit outdated but does have many of the basics; it might be best to use a bit more up-to-date atlas when looking at any pelvic organ prolapse/incontinence.

Orientation Packet (PDF) - Students who attend orientation at UW receive this packet. 

Pelvic Examination Video (from New England Journal of Medicine) Disclaimer:  Information presented on when and how often to perform screening pap smears is outdated as the new recommendations from American Cancer Society came out in 2012, after the production of this video.

 Procedures and Responsibilities for Clerkship Grading Policy  

NBME Clerkship Exam Information 

Sample NBME Questions for OBGYN (PDF)

Sample Workups (PDF) Note: these two sample workups represent 'extensive' write-ups; the individual preceptor will work with the student to individualize the write-up according to the preceptor's expectations.

Statement of Understanding (PDF) *Signed statement due to the Clerkship Administrator by first Friday of the rotation.

Surgery Scrub Instructional Video (courtesy of OHSU)

Universal Precautions

Work hours Policy

External Links

Additional CME Clerkship lectures Courtesy of UW School of Medicine (UW access password-protected)

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Up-to-date clinical/educational information and resources for medical students interested in OB/GYN.

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) – Late night Teaching District VIII Jr. Fellows developed teaching tools on their website. These are mini didactics that can be pulled up late at night on call if a resident or attending wants to review a topic with the students.

Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics (APGO) Official educational site for our specialty with information on student and resident education.

A variety of helpful tools for busy OB/GYN students, such as sample orders, delivery notes, pre-op notes. Also reachable through APGO's Educational Resources for Medical Students webpage. APGO Undergraduate Web-based Interactive Self-Examination (uWISE) An online set of 500 questions and answers based on APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives, 10th Ed. Students must create their own username and password. University of Washington Health Links PubMed Medline, Up-to-date, Cochrane Library, and other useful search tools.