Required Assignments

All students must complete the following required assignments before they can receive a clerkship grade. It is the student's responsibility to submit evaluation of student performance in clinical curriculum, breast CEx, pelvic CEx, and observed history forms to the Clerkship Administrator by the conclusion of the clerkship (final grades will be held until received and a statement appearing under the Overall Assessment of Professional Behavior or Conduct on your final evaluation form submitted to the Registrar).

Evaluation of Student Performance in Clinical Curriculum - due by end of week 4 of clerkship

The Evaluation of Student Performance in Clinical Curriculum Form (completed by reviewing Faculty/Resident) is required for final grade release.  Students should solicit feedback frequently during their rotation, but are required to receive formal, mid-clerkship feedback in week 3 or 4 of the rotation. 

This form can be submitted to the Clerkship Administrator via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or dropbox

Breast & Pelvic Mini-CEx (Clinical Examination Skill) - due by end of clerkship

The Obstetrics and Gynecology clerkship has chosen the performance of pelvic and breast exams, including patient communication, professional attitude, and actual performance of the examination, to be our required mini-CEx. Following are forms to be used for its evaluation and feedback. You should expect to have observed pelvic and breast examinations with the required feedback at least once during your clerkship. Students should aim to have both CEx forms completed by the end of week 5 of the clerkship.

These forms can be submitted to the Clerkship Administrator via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or dropbox.

Observed History - due by end of clerkship

Students are required to be observed taking minimum of one (1) history during their OB/GYN clerkship. These can be entire histories, or can be part of the history - past family history, for example. Students should track observed histories with this form and submit completed form to the Clerkship Administrator by the last day of the clerkship.  

This form can be submitted to the Clerkship Administrator via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or dropbox.

Two (2) Write-Ups - due by end of week 5 

Students are required to complete a minimum of two (2) formal write-ups during their clerkship. The write-ups consist of complete histories and physicals and may be incorporated into the patient's chart. All write-ups will be reviewed by the physicians involved in the case and will be re-examined for the purpose of providing you with feedback. Students should obtain preceptor feedback early so they can steadily improve. All workups or other notes in charts must be signed by a physician. 

Note: while students are only required to complete two write-ups some sites may require more than the minimum.

These write-ups are submitted to preceptors and/or site directors only. Please do not send these to the Clerkship Administrator.

Patient Encounters - Logged in Evalue due by end of clerkship

Students must have active patient involvement in each category OR complete a corresponding APGO uWise quiz as an alternative:

Condition or Disease Alternative Experience
Abnormal Pap Smear Objective #3
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Objective #45
Cesarean Section Delivery Objective #32
Complicated OB
(Diabetes, preterm labor, premature membrane rupture, Hypertensive disorders, 3rd trimester bleeding)
Choose 1 Objective: 2-17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25
Contraception Objective #33
1st Trimester Bleeding

Choose 1 Objective: 15, 16, 34

Intrapartum Care of Laboring Patient Objective #11
Menopausal Symptoms Objective #47
Pelvic Mass Choose 1 Objective: 53, 54, 55
Pelvic Pain Objectives: 38, 39, 46, 49
Postpartum Care Choose 1 Objective: 13, 14
Prenatal Care

Choose 1 Objective: 9, 10

Vaginal Delivery Objective #32
Vaginitis or Gynecologic Infection

Objective #36

Students will document these patient encounters using the Evalue on-line log. For manuals and videos on how to enter your patient encounters into Evalue please visit the Clinical Encounters page. Students should use the LCME Patient Encounter Form to keep a weekly tally before entering the data on Evalue (form available in Reference tab of this website).

If the student has not been actively involved with a patient in each of the above categories by the end of the 5th week of the clerkship, the student must fulfill an acceptable alternative experience by completing the corresponding APGO quiz using uWise (please refer to the "welcome to the obgyn clerkship email recieved on your first day of clerkship for access to uWise; mobile friendly).

Once completed, the student must:

  1. Submit the Encounter vis Evalue
  2. Save Submission Confirmation
  3. Forward confirmation to Clerkship Administrator by the final day of the clerkship.

Oral Presentation - due by end of clerkship

You are expected to prepare an oral presentation not to exceed 20 minutes on an Ob/Gyn topic of your choice. Ten minutes are allowed for questions following each 20-minute presentation. All students at each site are expected to be present and to participate in the question period.

To receive a passing grade you are required to submit a copy of your powerpoint slides and a bibliography to the faculty presentation reviewers at your clerkship site (the Clerkship Administrator does not need a copy of your slides). You must also use at least three different journals as references. Presentation grade is an automatic FAIL until these requirements are met. You will need to limit the scope of the topic you present so you can cover it in detail in 20 minutes. For example, do not try to cover the entire field of female genital cancers, but rather restrict your topic to one aspect of it such as epidemiology of vulvar in situ carcinoma.

Please check with your preceptor and/or site director regarding the presentation requirement at your site. Presentation dates and times differ at every clerkship site, but are typically in the fifth week of the rotation. 

Examples of typical presentation topics:

  • Management of appendicitis during pregnancy
  • Contemporary treatment options for Fibroids
  • Management of Cardiopulmonary arrest in the pregnant patient
  • The State of Female Genital Mutilation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Clerkship Evaluation (Required) - due within 4 weeks of end of clerkship

To improve the basic Ob/Gyn clerkship, we need your assistance. A Student Evaluation of Clerkship and Student Evaluation of Educator (for each faculty/resident you worked with) completed thoughtfully via E*Value are required for completion of the clerkship. Final clerkship grades will be held until these are completed.