Academic Year 2018-2019

Start and End Dates
*Please Note: Beginning Summer A NBME Exams will be held on the last Thursday of every rotation.

Spring A Spring B
Orientation: March 26 Orientation: May 7
Period 1: Mar 26- April 13 Period 1: May 7- May 25
Period 2: April 16- May 4 Period 2: May 28- June 15
Final Exam: May 3 Final Exam: June 14
Summer A Summer B
Orientation: June 25 Orientation: Aug 6
Period 1: June 25- July 13 Period 1: Aug 6-24
Period 2: July 16- Aug 3 Period 2: Aug 27-Sept 14
Final Exam: Aug 2 Final Exam: Sept 13
Autumn A Autumn B
Orientation: Sept 24 Orientation: Nov 5
Period 1: Sept 24-Oct 12 Period 1: Nov 5- Nov 23
Period 2: Oct 15- Nov 2 Period 2: Nov 26 - Dec 14
Final Exam: Nov 1 Final Exam: Dec 13
Winter A Winter B
Orientation: Jan 7 Orientation: Feb 18
Period 1: Jan 7-25 Period 1: Feb 18-March 8
Period 2: Jan 28-Feb 15 Period 2: March 11-29
Final Exam: Feb 14 Final Exam: March 28


First Day Orientation

Seattle area as well as Yakima, Bellingham, and Wenatchee

Report to:  University of Washington
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Room BB-667H (Conference Room)

Time:          8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Day:           First day of 6-week Ob/Gyn rotation

All students required to attend orientation will receive an email from the Clerkship Administrator with more details 6 weeks prior to the start of the rotation. Students are expected to report to their clerkship site after orientation. 

Virtual Orientation for non-Seattle sites

We also offer a virtual orientation via Zoom to those unable to attend in Seattle. This orientation will be from 8:30 - 10:00 AM PST. The Clerkship Administrator will send the link to all students not attending in person by the Friday before the clerkship start date. 

Site Schedules

During your site orientation and throughout the clerkship you will be given information about your site's schedule. On-call schedules vary based on site. Some information can be found on the individual faculty/site tab of this website. You can also contact your site coordinator in advance to determine that schedule.

Work hours will not be specifically logged unless you feel it is necessary because of a potential violation. If you are working close to the 80-hour limit, please document your hours for the week in question and present these hours to your site director as soon as possible. Your work schedule will be modified as appropriate. You will never be discriminated against for following the work hour policy. For more details about this policy, please refer to the Reference tab of this website.

You have a professional responsibility to adhere to scheduled assignments. It is basic courtesy and your professional responsibility to let the appropriate people know if you cannot be at an assigned place. If unforeseen events or double scheduling preclude your attendance at a scheduled activity, check with your preceptor or coordinator to resolve the conflict and to determine how to provide appropriate notification.

During clinical rotations, students will adhere to the schedules set forth by the site or clerkship director. There are no guaranteed holidays off. Please check with your specific site director about holidays, such as the day after Thanksgiving, to see if you will be permitted to have that day off. Do not assume that a University of Washington holiday applies to you.

Final Day of Clerkship

The electronic computer based NBME exam will be given on the last Thursday of your rotation (week 6).

Sometime in the the first week of your course UW School of Medicine staff will contact you to assign you to an exam site, which may or may not be where you are completing your rotation, as these exams must be taken at approved exam testing centers. Make sure that you know where you will be taking your exam before you make travel arrangements for your next rotation. Their email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please reach out to the SOM or your assigned testing site coordinator with any questions regarding time, location, logistics, etc. (see below website links)

ALL STUDENTS are required to be in their seat and prepared to start the exam at the specified time noted on the testing site information website below. Students who are late will not be permitted to take the exam.

NBME Subject Exams

If you require special accommodations for any part of the clerkship, including your exam contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to the first day of the clerkship.