What are the advantages of using a QR code for evaluations?
QR codes will allow for more timely evaluations, and can be initiated by the trainee or faculty.

My phone is unable to scan the QR code.
If your smartphone is having difficulty reading a QR code, try downloading a different reader. If problems persist contact Whitney Hiatt at 206-543-3892 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Advertisements are popping up while completing the evaluation.
Download a different QR reader.  This is the downside of the "free" readers.

I am having difficulty viewing the evaluation.
Both iphone and android phones have a web browser option (rather than using the app).  The various phone types have different ways to access the browser.  If you have an Android phone - go into browser options and click request desktop site or click on the globe to get the desktop site option.  For iphones, certain readers will have an option to open in Safari by clicking on a button inside of the app, the buttons will vary depending on which reader app you are using.

How do I know if I'm evaluating the correct student?
The student name should appear on the very first line of the evaluation form. Confirm name prior to beginning the evaluation.

The evaluation will not allow me to submit the form.
Check to see that all required questions are answered.

How do I know my form was submitted?
After you've submitted your evaluation you should receive a "thank you" confirmation screen.  If you do not receive this screen, your form has not been submitted. Check to see if all required questions were answered and press submit. You may receive an error message if all answers have not been completed.

How do I restart the evaluation from the beginning?
Exit out of the browser and rescan the code.

Where can I find the codes?
For students – individual QR codes on stickers will be sent to the students and they will be asked to carry the stickers with them or attach them to their badges

What if I don't have my phone?
You can use any available mobile device (student's or resident's device) with a QR scanner.

Do I have to use my data plan for completing the evaluations?
Use Wi-Fi if available.  If it is not available, you will need to use your data plan.

I'm clicking the buttons, but there is a delay.
Be patient, you may have a slow connection.
If you are having difficulty or find problems with QR evaluations, or would like to make suggestions on improvements, please contact: Whitney Hiatt This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  206-543-3892