Basic Pregnancy Ultrasound Course


This course is not to be interpreted as a comprehensive guide to ultrasound and does not result in an official certificate or diploma.

Ultrasound plays an important role in identifying pregnancy-related conditions that put the mother or fetus at risk during delivery. In most low-income countries, there is a shortage of people experienced in performing pregnancy ultrasound. As a consequence, women in developing countries do not have access to even the most basic forms of imaging and many die from preventable complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

This course was created to train healthcare workers to perform basic pregnancy ultrasound in parts of the world where formal training is not available. It includes videos and other educational materials designed to be used in a 2-week ultrasound course. The hands-on sessions in the trainer's guide are essential components of the course and must be supervised by an experienced ultrasound practitioner.

We hope you find this ultrasound course useful.  Please take time to provide us with feedback so that we may improve the course in the future.  We wish you the best in caring for pregnant women around the world.

Dr. Kristina Adams Waldorf
Dr. Robert Nathan
Dr. William Marks
Ms. Nicole Goldsmith, RDMS