New Faculty Guide

Welcome to the University of Washington, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology! 


As a new Faculty member, you will attend Medical Staff Onboarding, Electronic Health Record (EHR) training, UW Physicians (UWP)
Benefits Orientation, UW Benefits Orientation, and Departmental Orientation. While these sessions will include in-person
opportunities to ask questions and discuss policies and procedures, there are many online resources available to assist you in
integrating yourself at the University of Washington.

Should you have questions regarding your Division resources please contact your Division Coordinator. In addition, you can
review the general structure of the Department, and its members here



On-Line Academic Human Resources Orientation
Includes information on the University of Washington, Benefits and Worklife, Policies, Community Resources, and additional
new employee information.

Online Benefits Orientation
Includes information on Health Insurance options, retirement plans, and how to submit your choices to the benefits office.
In-person Benefits Orientations can be registered for here.

UWMC Academic Faculty Benefits
Includes a summary of Faculty benefits, and helpful links regarding UW benefit offerings.

Employee Self Service (via MyUW):
Allows you to update contact information, check earnings, retirement, vacation, set up direct deposit, etc.

Additional Training

General Asbestos Awareness training
Please return certificates of completion to the Chair's Office.

Faculty Development Workshops
Includes information on upcoming courses for Medical Education and Career Development.

Diversity Training
Consists of a Diversity Recruitment Training given by Drs. Genevieve Neal-Perry and Sarah Prager to the
Obstetrics and Gynecology Faculty in August 2016. 

Zipline Training
e-IRB application training given by Dr. Karen Moe and Galen Basse from the Human Subjects Division.

Other Helpful Resources

OB/GYN Administrative Contacts
Includes a list of contacts in Central Administration for finance, grants management, Graduate Medical
Education, HR, and billing.

OB/GYN Faculty Policies and Codes
Details the Departmental Policies on Academic Enrichment Funds, Scheduling, Computer usage, and more.

UW Faculty Policies on Leaves and Vacations
Details the policies for all UW faculty regarding use of Vacation, Paid Sick Leave, FMLA, and other options.

Includes information on UW Parking lots, commuter services, and options available to UW employees.

UPASS information
Includes guide for using the U-PASS system, and all transportation entities that are covered.

The University of Washington Handbook
Includes information on the Faculty Senate and University faculty councils.

Details application process for FMLA-protected leave, and the coverage it provides.

Departmental Bio Form
Please complete and return this form with your UW Medicine Photo to the Chair's Office to
be added to the Faculty Roster.

For any questions about leaves, outside compensation, academic titles and appointments, or any general HR
questions, please contact the Chair's Office.

You can also download the OB/GYN Faculty Handbook here.