Promotion Resources

For promotion to an Associate or Full Professor rank, a faculty member must submit a Promotion Package for consideration to the School of Medicine Appointments and Promotions Committee. Packages for Mandatory Assistant Professor promotions are due to the School of Medicine on September 1, Non-Mandatory promotions (early Assistant to Associate promotions, or Associate to Full Professor promotions) are due on November 1. Clinical Faculty promotions are reviewed by Departmental Committee in the Fall, and must be submitted by the end of the calendar year. 

Should you be approved by the Departmental Appointments and Promotions Committee for promotion, you will receive a letter from the Chair's Office detailing specific deadlines for each item included in your Promotion Package. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the Chair's Office, and view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide

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Templates and Examples

UW CV format template (Guide)

Teaching Philosophy Statement Examples

Teaching Portfolio Template

Examples of Self-Assessments:

Departmental Criteria and Guides

Regular-Track Faculty Criteria for Promotion

Full-Time Clinical Faculty Criteria for Promotion

Year of Promotion Timeline

Assistant Professor Timeline

Peer Teaching Evaluation Form

Promotion Letters of Recommendation (for Regular-Titled Faculty) Guide

Promotion Letters Referee Entry Form

Additional Resources

Promotion to Associate Professor - Slides from 2016 Clinician-Educator Retreat

Dr. Andrew Luks' Clinician-Educator Group Resources

Dr. Andrew Luks’ Teaching Portfolio Slides



·         Part-time Appointments The following renewal periods pertain to the reappointment of part time assistant professors.