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Florian Hladik, MD, PhD

Research Professor

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MD, PhD (University of Vienna, Austria)


Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
(European Union)

Reseach Interests:

HIV and other sexually transmitted infections harm human health and reproduction. We use laboratory studies and systems biology tools to understand the interplay between pathogens, the mucosa, and medical interventions. We hope that our studies will improve the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV.

Current Research:

1. Pathogenesis of sexual human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission

2. Immunoregulatory functions of extracellular microvesicles and their RNA cargo in human semen

3. Development and toxicity evaluation of microbicides (antiviral drugs that are applied topically to the mucosa to prevent sexual HIV transmission)

4. Application of systems biology tools to understand mucosal physiology and pathology

5. Impact of nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor drugs on HIV latency

6. Optimization and standardization of mucosal sampling techniques and cryopreservation

7. Role of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection in sexual HIV transmission

8. Effects of progestin-containing contraceptives on HIV risk

9. Discovering mucosal biomarkers of premature birth

10. Impact of opioid use on regulatory RNA molecules in human semen


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