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Ashlie AR Tronnes, MD

Acting Instructor and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow

Joined UW Medicine:


Clinical Focus:

Maternal-Fetal Medicine


Washington, 2012


Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2013


• MD Degree
   (Albany Medical College, 2008)
• Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology
   (Oregon Health & Science University, 2012)
• Fellow, Maternal-Fetal Medicine
   (University of Washington, 2015)


• Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Selected Publications:

Press RD, Love Z, Tronnes AA, Tran T, Mongoue-Tchokote S, Mori M, Mauro MJ, Deininger MW, Druker BJ. BCR-ABL mRNA levels at and after the time of a complete cytogenetic response (CCR) predict the duration of CCR in amatinib mesylate-treated patients with CML. Blood 2006 Jun;107(11):4250-4256.

Nag DK, Fasullo M, Dong Z, Tronnes A. Inverted repeat-stimulated sister-chromatid exchange events are RAD1-independent but reduced in a msh2 mutant. Nuc Acids Research 2005 Sept 15;33(16):5243-5249.

Appointments & Practice Locations

Maternal and Infant Care Clinic (MICC)
UW Medical Center, 3rd Floor, SW 350
1959 NE Pacific St, Seattle, WA 98195

Appointments:   206.598.4070