School of Public Health Dept. of Health Services  Dept. of EOHS NW Center for Occupational Health & Safety


Doctoral Degree Curriculum  

Doctoral-degree trainees follow the curriculum of the Health Services PhD Program. This curriculum consists of four components:

  • health services core competency courses
  • advanced health services theory and methods courses
  • occupational health and safety courses
  • supervised research training on an OHSR topic

Doctoral-degree trainees take the sequence of core competency courses and advanced theory and methods courses developed for the Health Services PhD program. Trainees adhere to the requirements for the general and qualifying PhD exams. The core competencies consist of 35 credit hours of general health services knowledge, theory and methods. These courses emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of health services research. Trainees receive a grounding in theory and methods as applied to health services research from the disciplines of Health Services, Biostatistics, Economics and other Social and Behavioral Sciences, Epidemiology, and Policy Analysis.

In addition to the core and advanced theory and methods courses, doctoral-degree trainees, working with their mentors, will pursue an Area of Emphasis curriculum in Occupational Health.