About the Organizational Effectiveness Initiative

All of the staff

OEI is an initiative funded through the Office of the Provost under 2Y2D and the Sustainable Academic Business Plan. OEI's purpose is to help position the UW for the future through work process improvements and innovations. OEI offers valuable organizational development services to help units achieve operational excellence. Since we are centrally funded through the Provost’s Office, our consulting services do not result in charges to UW units at this time.

Services include the following:

For consulting, facilitation or training on the following topics, contact OEI:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Team Building
  • Other Organizational Development topics
  • Metrics and Measurement
  • Reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Spans & Layers/Spider Maps
  • Employee & Customer Satisfaction Surveys

For general questions please use our contact form, call us at (206)221–2018, or email us at oei@uw.edu. To request our services, please use the button below.
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You will receive a response within 2 business days.

For more information about OEI, please see the following:

OEI Team Members:

  • Debbie Flores, Director, (206)616–7993 or dflores@uw.edu
  • Sherry Steinaway, Associate Director, (206)685–6071 or sherry@uw.edu
  • Laurin Gaudinier, Metrics Analyst & Reporting Specialist, (206)616–7174 or laurinmg@uw.edu
  • Emily Drevecky, Sr. Organizational Effectiveness Specialist, (206)543-6411 or drevecky@uw.edu
  • Alicia Kinne, Organization Effectiveness Specialist, (206)616-6417 or kinnea@uw.edu
  • Meg Kerin, Office Assistant, (206)221–2018 or makerin@uw.edu

For more information about OEI personnel please see our bios page.