Economics 472B, Autumn 2014
International Macroeconomics

Office: Savery 338
Office Phone:543-6197
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Instructor: Yu-chin Chen
Time/Location: MW 3:30- 5:20pm /PCAR 295
Office Hours: Fri 9-10am in Savery 338


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* This course requires each student to participate in a group project, which culminates in a 30 min-presentation during mid-November as well as a final individualized paper due over exam week. There will be two midterms and four homework assignments.

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Course Schedule and Lecture Notes: (subject to revision)


Date Topics Assignments
Sept 24 Introduction KOM Ch.13, Questionnaire
Sept 29 Current Account and Balance of Payments
Oct 1 The Asset Market View of the Exchange Rate KOM Ch.14; PS1; PS1 Solution
Oct 6 Money, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates  
Oct 8 PPP and the Law of One Price KOM Ch.15; Sign up for Group Project
Oct 13 Long-Run Exchange Rate Determination PS2; PS2 Solution
Oct 15 (class cancelled) Melvin Chapter 4 on Forex instruments
Oct 20 Review & KOM Ch.16
Oct 22 Exam #1: Chs. 13-16
Oct 27 Output and Exchange Rate KOM Ch.17
Oct 29 Output, ER, and the Current Account PS3; PS3 Solution
Nov 3 Exchange Rate Regimes KOM Ch.18
Nov 5 Currency Crises
Nov 10 FX Policy Intervention KOM Ch.19
Nov 12 Hisotry of Exchange Rate Regimes KOM Chs.20-22;
Nov 17 Group Presentations I + Discussion (groups 1-3) Group1, Group2, Group3
Nov 19 Group Presentations II+ Discussion (groups 4-6) Group4, Group5, Group6
Nov 24 Group Presentations III + Discussion (groups 7, 8) PS4; Group7, Group8
Nov 26 FX Risk & case study  
Dec 1 Review PS4 Solution
Dec 3 Exam #2: Chs. 17-22 + GP Topics Final paper due by Th. Dec. 11, 5pm