Economics 472A, Winter 2013
International Macroeconomics

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Instructor: Yu-chin Chen
Time/Location: TTh 9:30-11:20pm/ CDH 139
Office Hours: Fri 11-12pm or 4:30-5pm (most weeks)


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* Quiz from presentations! Final paper due by noon, Wednesday March 20th.

* Slides:
- Day 1: G1, G2, G3
- Day 2: G4, G5, G6
- Day 3: G7(+notes), G8, G9

* 3/4: Group Project Description (with clarification on 2ndary groups)

* 3/4: Sample group project evaluation form

* Update (2/26): practice problems for Midterm 2 & suggested solutions

* Please email me a time for your group meeting (see slot options in the beginning of 2/26's lecture notes)

* 2/7: Please sign up for a Group Projec here.

* 1/24: Practice midterm 1 (Suggested solution)

* IFS access instructions

* This course requires each student to participate in a group project, which culminates in final 30 min-presentations during the last 3 days of the course. There will be two midterms and four homework assignments.

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* Econ 472 Honor Code Agreement Form and UW Policy on Academic Honesty

* Proof that exchange rate is a serious matter!

Course Schedule and Lecture Notes: (Tentative and subject to revision)


Date Topics Assignments

Supplementary Readings

Jan 8 Introduction KO Ch.13/Ch.1, Questionnaire

World Economic Outlook update
A Summary of the BoP Accounting

Jan 10 Balance of Payments and the Exchange Rate Market PS1; PS1 solution
Jan 15 The Asset Market View of the Exchange Rate KO Ch.14/Ch.2

K. Rogoff,"Dornbusch's Overshooting Model after 25 years"

Jan 17 Money, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates KO Ch.15/Ch.3
Jan 22 PPP and the Law of One Price PS2; PS2 solution K. Rogoff, (1996), "The Purchasing Power Parity Puzzle", Journal of Economic Literature
Jan 24 Long-Run Exchange Rate Determination KO Ch.16/Ch.4
Jan 29 Forward-Looking Market Instruments   Melvin Chapter 4 on Forex instruments
Jan 31 Midterm #1 * Sign up for Group Project
Feb 5 Exchange Rates and the Macroeconomy PS 3; PS3 solution
Feb 7 Output and Exchange Rate Group Project Description
Feb 12 Output, ER, and the Current Account  

Bernanke Ben, "The Global Saving Glut and the U.S. Current Account Deficit", Sandridge Lecture, Virginia Association of Economics, March 2005

Feb 14 Exchange Rate Regimes  
Feb 19 Currency Crises PS 4; PS4 solution  
Feb 21 History and Policy Intervention  
Feb 26 Review    
Feb 28 Midterm #2 Please sign up for group office hours
Mar 5 Policy Topics Overview    
Mar 7 Group Presentations I + Discussion  
Mar 12 Group Presentations II + Discussion   Final paper due by noon, March 20th.
Mar 14 Group Presentations III + Discussion