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Apr ’14: The FEC Lab takes part in Paws-On-Science at Pacific Science Center with 450 scientists and 3000+ visitors!
Mar ’14: Meryl gave a talk on amphibian adaptations to life in the American Southwest and use of genetics to understand conservation threats at UW’s Wildlife Seminar. More info here
Mar ’14: Julian receives support from the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund to work on Australian lungfish.
Mar ’14: Julian joins the Board of the SCB Freshwater Working Group.
Mar ’14: Julian contributes to the new Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at UW.
Feb ’14: Julian contributes to ENSIA discussion on the role of dams in a changing climate (more)..

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Our research spans ecology, conservation, and management of freshwater systems. Within this we focus on five themes of freshwater science:
– Linking food webs & nutrient fluxes to landscape change in freshwater systems
– Ecology and management of invasive species
Conservation biogeography
– Ecology and conservation planning in arid regions
Environmental flows and the ecological impacts of hydrologic alteration by human activities

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