Recent News

Dec ’15: Julian co-edits a new book Conservation of Freshwater Fishes. Pre-orders now available for hardcopy and e-book.


Nov ’15: Erika and Elliot proudly represents the Olden Lab at the Graduate Student Symposium.


Sept ’15: Olden Lab welcomes new graduate students Jane, Mathis, Vincent, Thiago and Elliot! (whew)


Sept ’15: PhD positions available at Charles Darwin University and the University of Western Australia (details); joint project with the Olden Lab.


July ’15: Julian welcomes scientists from the University of Toulouse and UBC for international workshop on freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.


May ’15: Olden Lab welcomes visiting student, Chunlong Lui, from China. Chunlong will be hanging out for two years.



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Our research spans ecology, conservation, and management of freshwater systems. Within this we focus on five themes of freshwater science:
– Linking food webs & nutrient fluxes to landscape change in freshwater systems
– Ecology and management of invasive species
Conservation biogeography
– Ecology and conservation planning in arid regions
Environmental flows and the ecological impacts of hydrologic alteration by human activities

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