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Jan ’17: New paper by post-doc Lise Comte reveals the evolutionary and environmental determinants of freshwater fish thermal tolerance and plasticity. Paper available here: PDF


Jan ’17: Congrats to former post-doc Xingli Giam for starting his new faculty position at the University of Tennessee!


Dec ’16: Vincent’s PhD project highlighted by WALPA. Read the blog.


Aug ’16: Julian is a co- author of a Nature Communications journal which was mentioned in a BBC news article regarding the global threats from invasive alien species in the 21st century.


Aug ’16: Interactive map shows where animals will move in response to climate change.


June ’16: Have fishes had their chips? Julian blogs about the new Conservation of Freshwater Fishes book.


June ’16: Congrats to Erika for publishing her first paper! Check it out.


June ’16: Not so fast – new Olden lab publication highlights the positive role of nonnative species in disturbed environments.


April ’16: Olden Lab wants video diaries for World Fish Migration Day! Got a story about rivers to share?


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Our research spans ecology, conservation, and management of freshwater systems. Within this we focus on five themes of freshwater science:
– Linking food webs & nutrient fluxes to landscape change in freshwater systems
– Ecology and management of invasive species
Conservation biogeography
– Ecology and conservation planning in arid regions
Environmental flows and the ecological impacts of hydrologic alteration by human activities

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