The FEC lab welcomes media inquires and regularly interacts with the media to provide an expert view of current events. If you are a member of the media and need assistance, please contact Julian at or 206.616.3112. Here is a list with links to media that has featured Julian (and other lab members) about their research.


Sept ’14: Pine Lake crayfish removal effort highlighted in the Issaquah Reporter.


Sept ’14: Research on predicting lake vulnerability to plant invasion written in WALPA’s Waterline.


Mar ’14: Follow the Olden Lab on twitter! Hot damn.


Feb ’14: Julian contributes to ENSIA discussion on the role of dams in a changing climate (more).


July ’13: “Crayfish Turf Wars of the Northwest“: KUOW, July 15, 2013. Article, audio, and slideshow about the Pine Lake crayfish removal project.


June ’13: “Local crayfish taste better than non-native crayfish” story in the Seattle Times spotlights Julian’s work on Pine Lake.

Mar ’13: The lab’s crowdfunding campaign on lake soundscapes last year is part of a feature on crowdfunding research in PNAS: Article or link to PDF

Mar ’13: Julian’s Pine Lake project to have volunteers remove invasive crayfish covered in a Sammamish Review article

Oct ’12: Research on the challenges of native invaders covered in a UW Daily article and a Columbia River Bulletin article

Aug ’12: Lauren’s Crowdfunding efforts are highlighted in UW News article

July ’12: Julian spotlighted as the “crayfish man” in an article in the Seattle Times

March ’12: Julian contributes to the discussion on Asian clams in Lake Whatcom (link)

Feb ’11:  Julian is part of Oregon Public Broadcasting story on discovery of invasive rusty crayfish in Oregon (link)

June ’10: Our EPA-funded research is highlighted in the Columbia River Bulletin

Mar ’10: Julian just returned from Utah State University where he gave 2 seminars in the Ecology Center, and was also interviewed by Utah Public Radio

Jan ’09: Our project that is forecasting the spread of aquatic weeds in Washington was featured in the Seattle Times (click here)