Jan ’17: New paper by post-doc Lise Comte reveals the evolutionary and environmental determinants of freshwater fish thermal tolerance and plasticity. Paper available here: PDF


Jan ’17: Congrats to former post-doc Xingli Giam for starting his new faculty position at the University of Tennessee!


Dec ’16: Vincent’s PhD project highlighted by WALPA. Read the blog.


Aug ’16: Julian is a co- author of a Nature Communications journal which was mentioned in a BBC news article regarding the global threats from invasive alien species in the 21st century.


Aug ’16: Interactive map shows where animals will move in response to climate change.


June ’16: Have fishes had their chips? Julian blogs about the new Conservation of Freshwater Fishes book.


June ’16: Congrats to Erika for publishing her first paper! Check it out.


June ’16: Not so fast – new Olden lab publication highlights the positive role of nonnative species in disturbed environments.


April ’16: Olden Lab wants video diaries for World Fish Migration Day! Got a story about rivers to share?


Mar ’16: Forthcoming paper provides a global test of Eltonian niche conservatism for freshwater fishes.

Dec ’15: Julian co-edits a new book Conservation of Freshwater Fishes. Pre-orders now available for hardcopy and e-book.

Nov ’15: Erika and Elliot proudly represents the Olden Lab at the Graduate Student Symposium.

Sept ’15: Olden Lab welcomes new graduate students Jane, Mathis, Vincent, Thiago and Elliot!

Sept ’15: PhD positions available at Charles Darwin University and the University of Western Australia (details); joint project with the Olden Lab.

July ’15: Julian welcomes scientists from the University of Toulouse and UBC for international workshop on freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

May ’15: Olden Lab welcomes visiting student, Chunlong Lui, from China. Chunlong will be hanging out for two years.

Apr ’15: Congrats to Will and Erika for receiving a 2015 NSF Graduate Fellowship! Awesome.

Jan ’15: Julian is named a 2015 Leopold Leadership Fellow (read).

Oct ’14: Former post-doc Kris Jaeger and Julian’s paper is published in PNAS!

Oct ’14: The FEC lab welcomes two new post-docs, Renata and Xingli.

Sept ’14: Julian blogs about research aiming to predict lake vulnerability to plant invasion.

July ’14: Julian is a Visiting Professor at the Université Paul Sabatier, France – working with colleagues and eating cheese.

June ’14: We are starting another year of invasive crayfish removal on Pine Lake! Thanks to all the volunteers.

May ’14: The FEC Lab takes the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting by storm. Some folks actually stuck around for Julian’s plenary talk on the last day!

Apr ’14: The FEC Lab takes part in Paws-On-Science at Pacific Science Center with 450 scientists and 3000+ visitors.

Mar ’14: Meryl gave a talk on amphibian adaptations to life in the American Southwest and use of genetics to understand conservation threats at UW’s Wildlife Seminar. More info here

Mar ’14: Julian receives support from the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund to work on Australian lungfish.

Mar ’14: Julian joins the Board of the SCB Freshwater Working Group.

Mar ’14: Julian contributes to the new Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at UW.

Feb ’14: Julian contributes to ENSIA discussion on the role of dams in a changing climate (more)..

Feb ’14: Check out Meryl’s recent UW Graduate Student Symposium (award winning) presentation here.

Jan ’14: Congrats to Erika for receiving an Anchor QEA scholarship to support her research (more).

Nov ’13: Julian currently on sabbatical at the Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University and then in New Zealand.
Oct ’13: Julian just returned from the 4th International Symposium of Riverine Landscape in Yueyang, China.

Oct ’13: Recent smallmouth bass and climate change research covered in the Columbia Basin Bulletin (more).

Oct ’13: FEC lab is looking for a new graduate student and post-doctoral researcher … you got what it takes?!

Sept ’13: Former student Eric Larson and Julian’s paper Using avatar species to model the potential distribution of emerging invaders is one of the most 2012 downloaded articles in Global Ecology and Biogeography

Sept ’13: Congrats to Dave Lawrence for defending his PhD entitled Contemporary controls and future predictions of non-native smallmouth bass range expansion into salmon-rearing habitat!

July ’13: Meryl has been selected for the Exceptional Promise in Graduate Research Award from the Aquatic Ecology Section of ESA! Awesome dude!

July ’13: Julian’s work on Pine Lake is featured on KUOW (Link to story)

June ’13: Julian joins the editorial board of the new open-access journal Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene.

June ’13: Lauren and Julian just received a WDFW Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account Grant to support the on-going invasive crayfish removal effort on Pine Lake.

May ’13: Julian just presented a seminar at the annual Undergraduate Biology Symposium at University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez.

Apr ’13: Julian attended a special reception for the Society of Environmental Journalists at the new Bullitt Center in Seattle (link to the Seattle Times story here). In attendance was Jim Whittaker, the first American to summit Mt. Everest.

Mar ’13: Congrats to Keith for being awarded an NSF Graduate Student Fellowship!!

Jan ’13: Happy New Year! First new study linking altered flow regimes to fish life-history strategies

Dec ’12: Ecological avatars predict species invasions … say what?

Nov ’12: Hydrogeomorphic classification of Washington rivers is published

Oct ’12: Research on the challenges of native invaders covered in a UW Daily article

Oct’12: Julian and Lauren recently participated in an Olympic mudminnow workshop

Aug’12: Lauren’s Crowdfunding efforts are highlighted in UW News article

July ’12: Julian just reurned from the XVI Congress of the Iberian Association of Limnology in Portugal

June ’12: Lauren’s Crowdfunding Project was fully supported. Thank you all!

May ’12: Congrats to Laura for being awarded an NSF Graduate Student Fellowship!!

March ’12: New paper in Ecology revealing the flow determinants of fish life histories

March ’12: Julian contributes to the discussion on Asian clams in Lake Whatcom (link)

March ’12: Congrats to Laura for receiving the AFS Eugene Maughan Scholarship.

Feb ’12: Julian just returned from his trip to Kenya

Jan ’12: Dave Lawrence was awarded the 2012 Student Spotlight North America from the Society for Conservation Biology (link)

Jan ’12: The FEC Lab bids a fond farewell to Eric Larson and Thomas Pool, both recently defended their PhD dissertations, and both starting new post-doc fellowships!

Dec ’11: NEW: Selected presentations from conferences and meetings are now posted. Click here.

Nov ’11: Assessing ecosystem vulnerability to species invasions. New paper in Ecological Applications.

Oct ’11: National parks serve as potential protected areas for freshwater fishes … the paper is out in Conservation Letters!

Sep’11: The FEC lab welcomes new MS students Polly Gibson and Laura Twardochleb.

Sep’11: AFS National Meeting in full effect. Check out our special symposium “Crayfish In Western North America: Research Opportunities and Management Challenges”

Aug ’11: Smallmouth bass – Friend or foe? New paper in Reviews in Fisheries Science.

July ’11: Julian gives keynote address at the Annual Meeting of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles, and then travels to the University of Toulouse to visit the lab of Julien Cucherousset.

July ’11:Post-doc Angela Strecker is starting a faculty position at Portland State University. Congrats Ang!

June ’11: Get with the program … some non-native species have conservation value. (link) … and an article by Carl Zimmer (link)

April ’11: Julian recently gave a keynote address to the Canadian Aquatic Invasive Species Network entitled “Invasive species and alternative global futures for freshwater ecosystems”

April ’11: New Outreach materials posted to communicate our science (link)

Feb ’11: Our crayfish work is highlighted in OPB Oregon Field Guide (link)

Feb ’11: Two recent papers are published in Fisheries addressing the issues of crayfish and aquarium trade in the Pacific Northwest.

Dec ’10: Julian joins a new interdisciplinary team examining climate change, land use modification and fish habitats across the US (link)

Dec ’10: New paper in Ecosphere exploring the decoupling of niche conservatism in an invasive crayfish PDF

Dec ’10: Congrats to Meryl for defending her Master’s thesis!

Dec ’10: New paper in Ecosphere exploring the decoupling of niche conservatism in an invasive crayfish PDF

Nov ’10: Thomas and Julian’s paper “Environmental drivers of fish functional diversity and composition in the Lower Colorado River Basin” is published in CJFAS PDF

Sept ’10: The Olden Lab welcomes Oscar Belmar Diaz who is visiting from Universidad of Murcia until the end of December.

Sept ’10: Julian along with other Faculty Fellows in the UW Climate Change and Global Health Joint Initiative: Adaptive Solutions for Human Health and the Environment, present their research at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health 2010 Annual Meeting. (link)

Sept ’10: Eric receives 2010 NABS award for Runner-Up Oral Presentation in Basic Research. Congrats!

Aug ’10: A bunch of recent pubs, including Meryl’s first thesis chapter. Rock and roll.

July ’10: Eric and Julian’s paper “Latent extinction and invasion risk of crayfishes in the southeastern United States” is published in Conservation Biology PDF

July ’10: Julian receives the 2010 Early Career Conservationist Award from the Society for Conservation Biology (link)

June ’10: Julian is awarded the 2010 UW College of the Environment Outstanding Researcher Award

June ’10: Our EPA-funded research is highlighted in the Columbia River Bulletin

May ’10: Crayfish research by Eric and Julian leads to changes in the WA Fishing Regulations (link)

May ’10: Paper from the INTECOL symposium is published in Diversity and Distributions

Apr ’10: Meryl receives NSF Graduate Fellowship to conduct PhD studies in the lab. Congrats!

Mar ’10: Julian just returned from Utah State University where he gave 2 seminars in the Ecology Center. He was also interviewed by Utah Public Radio

Mar ’10: The Olden Lab welcomes new post-doc Kris Jaeger.

Jan ’10: Paper recording the occurrence of invasive Orconectes virilis is published in Northwest Science. Also asking for your help in providing additional data. Please complete this survey (link).

Jan ’10: New special issue of Freshwater Biology covering the science of environmental flow management. Check out Olden lab pubs!

Dec ’09: New lab publication on predator-prey interactions between crayfish and invasive Chinese Mystery Snail. Congrats to Eric and Meryl!

Nov ’09: Julian participates in the first millennium conference of ESA on “Water-Ecosystem Services, Drought and Environmental Justice”

Oct ’09: The Olden Lab welcomes new post-doc Angela Strecker and research associate Mariana Tamayo!

Sept ’09 Julian and Chris Konrad (USGS/TNC) are leading a new NCEAS working group: http://www.nceas.ucsb.edu/projects/12374.

Aug ’09: Julian recently returned from the INTECOL meeting in Brisbane where he organized a special symposium on global fish biogeography (click here)

Aug ’09: The Olden Lab welcomes Julien Cucherousset who is visiting from Bournemouth University from July 22nd to the 31st.

Jul ’09: We welcome Francis Lin and Kerry Ung – American Fisheries Society Hutton Scholars – who are working on our Washington crayfish project. See paper in Fisheries (click here)

Jan ’09: Our project that is forecasting the spread of aquatic weeds in Washington was featured in the Seattle Times (click here)