Environmental flows

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Environmental flows

The water needs of people and natural ecosystems are expected to become increasingly in conflict. Water managers are cognizant of these pressures, yet there remains a critical knowledge gap of the ecological tradeoffs associated with dam and flow management, including instream flows presently mandated in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere. Our research aims to advance the science and develop the tools required for ecologically sustainable water storage and management, including understanding the type and timing of streamflows which promote the delivery of important goods and services and support native biodiversity. (more…)

Hydrologic connectivity

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Ephemeral and intermittent streams in the southwestern United States exist in a precarious balance between drying and flooding. These extreme flow characteristics structure the ecological processes and productivity of aquatic and riparian communities and shape species life histories over evolutionary time scales. Our research seeks to understand the patterns and drivers of hydrologic dynamism in dryland streams at multiple spatial and temporal scales in order to successfully protect and manage these ecosystems both today and in a future that faces substantial environmental change. (more…)