In May of 2012, a group of volunteers braved the heat to assist with an intensive survey for Canyon treefrog (H. arenicolor, pictured right) in the Fort Huachuca area of southern Arizona. These intensive surveys which usually rely on help from a large group of volunteers (often called a ‘bioblitz’) are a great tool to help ecologists gain a comprehensive snapshot of an ecosystem at a particular time, or (in this case), survey for a species which is active for very short periods in a season or even a year.



Participants: Top, from left: Sheridan Stone, Meryl Mims, Caren Goldberg, Matt Kaplan, Julian Olden, Eric Moody, Jessie Hale, Katherine Strickler, Mike Bogan, Lainie Levick, David Lytle, Eric Wallace, Jan Armstrong, David Armstrong, Jesi Miscione, Tom Miscione, Michael Tarachow, and Merce Dostale; bottom, from left: Mike Sredl, Robert Troup, and Ken Charters.