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Program accountability requires tracking, reporting and evaluating data. This also helps increase the potential for program improvement.

GEAR UP provides the forms for program planning, as well as the forms necessary to record activities and track progress in meeting program objectives:

    1) GEAR UP Work Plan/Action Plan Outline – this is a living document, which should be reviewed at least two times each year. Mid-year reviews provides for program flexibility, adapting to new needs and/or new ideas. GEAR UP Program Supervisors work with school administration to complete this document.
    2) WSU Early Outreach Google Calendar – tracks day-to-day activities.
    3) Monthly Calendar -- tracks progress in meeting objectives.

    4) Various GEAR UP resources and contractors are used to track data for student progress (grades and attendance) and program participation rates.

    5) Also track progress with:
      b) Teacher Feedback
      c) Tutor Feedback
      d) Student and parent feedback
      e) Feedback from partnerships f) Self-evaluation by Program Supervisor


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This information was collected by Gretchen Hormel-Tomkins, GEARUP at WSU Tri-Cities, from Walla Walla program supervisors Jerri Doyle, Marika Tomkins, and Mike Gwinn, with oversight provided by Genoveva Morales-Ledesma, Executive Director, WSU Tri-Cities, Early Outreach Programs.