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Getting Started With GEAR UP

What is Early Outreach?

Engaging middle and high school students and their families in obtaining information, learning strategies, and participating in experiences that help prepare students for college and/or life success.

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  • Examples from WSU Tri-Cities

    GEAR UP goals and objectives are provided in the grant contract. Goals include integrating GEAR UP objectives into day-to-day activities and into the culture of the school and community. Frequently, these goals are as follows:

    1. Increase student academic performance.

    2. Increase student knowledge of post-secondary options.

    3. Increase parents’ knowledge of post-secondary options.

    4. Increase high school graduation rate.

    When GEAR UP Program Supervisors are hired through WSU Tri-Cities Early Outreach Programs, they are first oriented with WSU GEAR UP objectives and protocol.  GEAR UP Program Supervisors then:

    1. Get acquainted with their assigned school’s administration, their roles, responsibilities and skills.

    2. With school administration’s direction and help, program supervisors become acquainted with school staff and teachers.

    3. GEAR UP program supervisors provide school staff a program overview, which includes GEAR UP program goals and objectives. GEAR UP program supervisors also provide a vision of what the day-to-day and school-year calendar could look like. It is important to remember:

          a. Program priorities are established by school administration, school staff and best practices.

          b. Teamwork and collaboration is needed. School staff members are asked to identify projects that require building partnerships, as well as selecting programs that can become embedded.

          c. There is a focus on meeting needs by building expertise at the school(s).

          d. Program and activity set-up is a work in progress.  Program development is dynamic, in order to meet the evolving needs of the students and school.


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    This information was collected by Early Outreach Partnership staff during several interviews, as well as the Early Outreach Symposium held at WSU Tri-Cities on January 22, 2010. Oversight provided by Genoveva Morales-Ledesma, Executive Director, WSU Tri-Cities, Early Outreach Programs.