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Collaboration is required for successful program start-up and implementation.
There are a number of teams that a GEAR UP Program Supervisor works with, for example: Middle School and School District Administration, GEAR UP Peers, Middle School Teachers and Support Staff, Contractors for Services, along with Community Partners.

GEAR UP peers maintain rapport with:

  • monthly regional meetings
  • quarterly Program Supervisor meetings
  • shared projects
  • conferences and trainings
  • GEAR UP Program Supervisors maintain rapport with school administration with:

    • regular meetings
    • travel to conferences
    • co-presentations
    • shared resources

    • A team that many GEAR UP Program Supervisors put together, or build from the ground up, is the school’s GEAR UP Tutor Team.

      1) Tutor Recruitment:

      1. meet with local colleges and district staff to establish relationships
      2. advertise through “all district” e-mail
      3. hire qualified applicants based on references

      2) Tutor skills:
      1. demonstrated skills in writing and/or math
      2. work experience or currently attending college to obtain training dedicated to developing a positive, working rapport with middle school or high school students
      3. work experience or currently attending college to obtain training dedicated to developing a positive working rapport with middle school or high school teachers and staff
      4. 3) Team building ideas:

        1. When a tutor is first hired, provide an orientation/training that includes expectations, policies and procedures.
        2. Hire people who have a long-term commitment.  It is helpful if they’re in college and studying to be a teacher. You will find that there are many other qualified candidates, however.
        3. Provide professional development sessions throughout the year. Workshops may include: Tutor Training, Building Time Management Skills, and Student Behavior Management.
          • Professional development sessions can oftentimes be led by school district staff, who specialize in the area of focus for that session.
        4. Coordinate regularly scheduled team meetings.  
        5. Work around the tutors’ school schedules.
        6. Assign tutors special projects.
        7. Include appreciation events throughout the year.

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                          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

        This information was collected by Early Outreach Partnership staff during several interviews, as well as the Early Outreach Symposium held at WSU Tri-Cities on January 22, 2010. Oversight provided by Genoveva Morales-Ledesma, Executive Director, WSU Tri-Cities, Early Outreach Programs.