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Creating a College-Going Culture

Career Week at School

    1. Invite students to nominate their parents, guardians or mentors to share information before school, during lunch or after school.
    2. Invite college career advisors to have an information table before school, during lunch or after school.
    3. Dedicate a whole week to college, for example:  March Madness.
    4. Dedicate a middle school exploratory to career and college.
    5. Embrace diversity with all displays and activities.
    6. College Application Nights
      1. College Financial Aid Night, including college representatives who can provide help in Computer Labs to look up scholarships.
      2. Provide a Personal Essay Night.
For examples, access these links:
8th Grade Career Showcase
Roadmap to College
College Resource Toolboxes

Please remember:
  • Try to coordinate College Knowledge Events with other school districts, so that colleges and universities can better serve a geographical area and be in a specific area for several schools in making visits to high schools.  This makes it more cost effective for the colleges.

This information was collected by Early Outreach Partnership staff during several interviews, as well as the Early Outreach Symposium held at WSU Tri-Cities on January 22, 2010. Oversight provided by Genoveva Morales-Ledesma, Executive Director, WSU Tri-Cities, Early Outreach Programs.