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Becoming Citizens: Engaging Youth in Politics Seminar and Internship Program

Help young citizens engage in their communities. Learn how digital media and positive group experiences can help teens develop effective political voices.

In this seminar/internship, UW student interns will help students in Seattle schools develop civic engagement skills. As a Becoming Citizens intern, you will have the opportunity to help Seattle area middle and high school students implement a hands-on,community issue curriculum. Participants will receive 5 credits and should plan about 15 hours per week for the program. The 15 hours include the weekly seminar meeting (Tuesdays from 4.30 to 6.20 pm). In the seminars, you will be trained and prepared to work with young people and discuss the latest scholarship on youth political engagement.

In the internships, you will be placed in Seattle schools to help facilitate civic engagement projects. Becoming Citizens interns also support Puget Sound Off, a digital youth commons to connect teens and help them take action on events and issues that matter in their communities. Through participation in these initiatives, you will help young people develop better communication skills and raise their public voice.

This program is sponsored by the UW Center for Communication, directed by Prof. Lance Bennett and supervised by Political Science graduate student Caterina Rost. Internships are coordinated and approved by the Seattle Metro YMCA. The internship credits are sponsored by Prof. Bennett, and are offered as cr/nc.

Attendance is required at an orientation for interested students on Friday March 2 at 4 pm Room 126 Communications Building. Please indicate your interest in attending, and direct any questions to Caterina Rost: You can go to the Becoming Citizens website to learn more at:


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