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Calling all STEM/Pre-Health Majors!

Did you know that less than 25% of kids in South Seattle make it through college? You can help change that. Join the Dream Project!

 Most of you have likely heard of the Dream Project at some point–you’ve probably seen our lawn signs or your roommate has been a mentor. Maybe you’ve been meaning to join but never fit it into your schedule. Now’s the time!

We would love to have you join us this spring as we begin working with a brand new cohort of mentees. In a few weeks, we’ll be pairing undergrads like you with low-income high school juniors in local high schools to get them inspired about college, guide them on signing up and preparing for the SAT/ACT, help them plan what colleges to apply to in the fall, and start applying to scholarships. In the words of a recent Dream Project mentee who is now a UW freshman, “You never know what conversation with a student is going to totally change their life trajectory.”

Other than a transformative leadership experience, resume building, great new friends, and the knowledge that you made a difference in students’ lives, WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?

* 2 credits (1 I&S credit of EDUC 260 = lecture; 1 credit of EDUC 369 = high school visit); OPTIONAL: Writing Credit

*TONS of leadership opportunities including real-life problem solving experience, gaining a deeper understanding of those of a different background, and networking skills.

*Being involved in Dream Project will make you stand out on your resume to graduate school, med school, pharmacy school, nursing school, etc.

* Unlike many other service learning opportunities, transportation to the high schools is included!

If you don’t want credit, you can have the exact same experience participating on a volunteer basis. For details about how to register, see or email us at

 ” Each mentor’s experience is their own, complete with struggles and accomplishments, but I promise you that it is unforgettable.” Dream Project Mentor


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