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Calling all Students!!!

Interested in mentoring and/or teaching? Need UW credit or to fulfill a Service Learning requirement?

Build meaningful relationships, gain experience, and UW credit by joining the UW Dream Project!

What is the Dream Project?
…The Dream Project is a UW course and a social outreach program where UW undergrads mentor first-generation and low-income students in King County high schools as they navigate the complex college admissions process.

The Dream Project connects UW student mentors with high-school student mentees to work through the college admissions process including:
·      SAT prep
·      Applications
·      Writing essays
·      Applying for financial aid
·      Finding scholarships
·      And more!
We work directly with 16 high schools, spanning seven King County school districts, and serve more than 1,700 high-school students with the combined efforts of over 500 UW students.

How does it work?
Since the Dream Project is a UW course as well as an outreach program, participating students can receive up to three credits per quarter. The program meets twice a week — once as an entire class as part of the UW course and once with their smaller group at their assigned high school to work with the students.
EDUC 260-Lecture: meets on campus Mondays at 3:30pm or 5:20pm. Learn about different aspects of the admissions process, hear from special guest speakers, learn mentoring strategies and discuss different education issues and policies. For more information visit:
·   1 credit course, counts towards I&S credits.

EDUC 369-Visits: each student is expected to visit a high school at least once per week to work with high school students. Times and locations are viewable on the UW time schedule under EDUC 369.
·   1 credit course, counts towards general electives.

-All credits earned can count as field experience and electives towards Education Learning & Society Minor and the Diversity Minor.
-All courses are graded as credit/no-credit. Writing credit or extra credits are offered; please see and email Nicole at with any questions.
-Returning DP Mentor? Visit here for information on courses and credit options:

Who can join?
The class is open to any University of Washington undergraduate student, graduate student, or alumnus. Other community members are welcome to participate as well. If you are not a UW student or alumnus but would still like to join, please contact us directly. Sign up here:

What is the commitment?
“Dream Team” members are expected to be available for about a minimum of approximately 4-6 hours per week, including lecture, breakout, and visit times.

What about transportation?
The Dream Project provides transportation. Mentors travel together to the high schools in groups in university vehicles.

Contact us!
Dream Project Center
274 Mary Gates Hall


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