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We are looking for energetic, creative people to join a UW and Neighborhood House team (West Seattle location) focused on providing low income and immigrant youth with opportunities to learn afterschool.  We have a creative approach called STUDIO that provides making and tinkering activities to introduce youth to STEM, design, arts, and health.   See the position descriptions below:

Idealist listing:


Full position description:


UW Sustainability is currently recruiting a student intern to support our Green Laboratory program. To apply please visit: and search for #91979.


Internship Title: Green Laboratory Certification Coordinator

Internship Description: The Green Laboratory Program provides resources and guidance for laboratories on campus to implement sustainable practices, including a certification program to recognize laboratories that decrease the University’s environmental impact in alignment with the UW Environmental Policy statement and the Climate Action Plan goals.

Internship / Learning Goals:
1. Gain hands on experience in project management, program development, collaboration, networking, communications, marketing, and development of evaluative and educational materials under the direction of the Program Supervisor.
2.  Learn how to effectively communicate with a variety of stakeholders and navigate through the complex structure of the University
3.  Learn how to incentivize sustainable behaviors within a laboratory setting
4.  Learn more about sustainability at the University through knowledge discovery

The expected outcomes of this internship are:
1.  Continue to promote and expand the Green Laboratory Program by:
a. Certifying labs and offering consultation services to help labs implement sustainable practices
b. Working to secure sponsorship support for the program
c. Creating and administering department and college-wide competitions

2.  Evaluate the certification program effectiveness, identify areas of improvement for the process of certification, and work with the Green Laboratory Advisory Committee to address challenges and opportunities for the Green Laboratory Program.

3.  Continue to share best practices for greening labs with higher education institutions, and identify areas of program improvement based on best practices from other institutions.

4.  Achieve reductions in energy use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generated on campus in laboratories

5.  Report measurable metrics such as:
a. Number of laboratories applying for certification (Overall Total)
b. Number of laboratories certified as green laboratories (Total and at each level of certification)


Salary will start at $12 and we would like a one year minimum commitment for the position. For questions please contact Sean Schmidt:

The Grad School is looking for a 50% part-time Program Operations Specialist for the Quantitative Ecology & Resource Management (QERM) Interdisciplinary Graduate Program.  This position manages the student services, administrative, and fiscal activities for QERM, which offers both a MS and PhD degree.

Please see the link below to apply:

Req # 121878

This position requires a general knowledge of park maintenance, including athletic field maintenance, turf care and basic horticulture skills such as pruning and planting of both trees and shrubs. Good working knowledge of landscape materials is essential.

For more information on how to apply: Maintenance Worker I