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Exploration Seminar: Al Norte: Migration from and through Oaxaca, Mexico
August 24-September 18, 2015

About the Program: 

The seminar will take place in two cities: Mexico City and Oaxaca. It will focus on indigenous migration to the US, remittances, family and community sustenance and commitment. Students will learn about the community modes of organizing voluntary collective work known as tequio. We’ll also cover the topic of Oaxaca as a transit state for migrants from Central America on their way to the US. One of the many objectives of the Seminar is to help Students develop some insights about the socio-political and economic realities of immigration and for Heritage students to see Mexico from a different perspective and experience of their own. Students will have the opportunity to live with families so they can interact with them and find similarities between their homestay families and their own families back in the US.

5 credits of SPAN 393 (counts towards the Spanish minor) and JSIS B-324 (pending approval by Linda Iltis)

This program has been designed primarily (but not exclusively) for heritage learners. Spanish 314 or 301 must be completed prior to going abroad.

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The Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity is again sponsoring their Rome Academic Achievement Program this year. Students are able to participate in a five credit Spring Quarter course that will include ten days in Rome during the break between Winter and Spring Quarters.

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