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ENGL 473 – Legal Discourse, Writing & Rhetoric – Winter 2013

Professor Gail Stygall is offering her course on legal discourse, writing, and rhetoric in winter quarter.

ENGL 473 “Legal Discourse, Writing, and Rhetoric”
Professor Gail Stygall
SLN 13738
Tues/Thurs 9:30 – 11:20

This course provides an introduction to the study of law from linguistic and rhetorical perspectives, with a focus on writing and legal documents. We will explore legal language in civil and criminal contexts, read from trial transcripts, hear from an expert in legal writing, and, I hope, visit a court. We will also read about the lawyer’s role and becoming a lawyer. Assignments will include analyses of legal documents, presentation of legal cases, and a final paper analyzing an important legal decision from a linguistic or rhetorical perspective.

Recommended preparation: interest in the law.

Class assignments and grading: primarily written papers and one presentation.

This is a terrific opportunity for pre-law students and is open to seniors in any major!


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