OMA&D Academic Counseling Services

General Studies 350B

The UW OMA&D High School Tutor/Mentor program provides support to high school students who are strenuously preparing for post-secondary matriculation.  The tutoring program is comprised of University of Washington student tutors/mentors and high school students in the inner city school district.  UW students use their high school experience along with their UW education to assist or guide high school students to become independent learners.  This tutor/mentor program sends UW students to local Seattle high schools to work as tutors, mentors, and classroom assistants to support the schools in improving retention and ultimately college admissions rates.

University students are able to participate in the program as a volunteer or for UW credit in General Studies 350B.  General Studies 350B gives you the opportunity to work with and impact the lives of high school students.  This work is invaluable and is indeed appreciated by high school staff and students.

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