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Got Mentors?

 Diversity, Mentorship and Success

  • WHEN: 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 26, 2013
  • WHERE: Turner Auditorium (HSB, D-209)
  • Appetizers, wine, and refreshments provided

Moderated by:

  • Scott Davis, Chair, Epidemiology

Guest speakers:

  • Dr. Juan Guerra, Former Vice Provost of Student Affairs and Diversity, Graduate School
  • Vanessa Galaviz, Student, DEOHS
  • Dr. Sara Mackenzie, Professor, Health Services Program Director, Undergraduate Public Health

CV – February 2013 (2)

—Additional information—

Hosted by the School of Public Health Diversity Committee, Critical Voices is a quarterly event committed to supporting diversity in the SPH by highlighting student, staff, faculty, and community learning opportunities that represent a wide spectrum of cultural, ethnic, and disciplinary perspectives. Our upcoming panel event, Got Mentors? will promote dialogue on topics of faculty mentoring, peer mentoring, and the importance of mentorship as it relates to building a diverse and supportive community of scholars. Good mentoring can make the difference when recruiting and retaining diverse students, and plays a vital role in helping students become marketable graduates. With good mentoring, a student is prepared to enter his or her profession not only with requisite disciplinary knowledge and skills but also with an understanding of the pathways to success and the self-reliance to embark upon them with confidence. Got Mentors? will provide vital tools to aid faculty and students in creating successful mentor relationships.


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