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Humphrey Fellow Talk: Rwanda’s Health Sector


In 1995, Rwanda was trailing its neighbors and the world as a whole in almost all development and health indicators. 18 years after the end of a 4-year conflict and genocide, Rwanda has reversed most of that reality in key global health indicators: Life Expectancy at Birth, Infant Mortality, Life Expectancy at Age 65, Nutrition, Health Care Expenditures, Insurance Coverage, Unmet Medical Needs (family planning), and Childhood Immunization.

Smart policies tailored for this country’s environment of poverty and a limited-skilled population have ensured the success of interventions that have turned Rwanda into a role model for policy making through evidence-based information.

Humphrey Fellow Placide Ntwali Nsengiyumva highlights the key contributors of the successful turnaround this Thursday:

Rwanda’s Health Sector: From Tragedy to Triumph. Sustainable Solutions with Limited Funds
Presented by: Placide Ntwali Nsengiyumva
Thursday, November 29 @ 3:30 pm
Parrington 108

Free Coffee and Goodies. See you there


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