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Inner Pipeline Seminars Spring 2013

Are you interested in learning more about the world of K-12 education?

Thinking of teaching as a possible career?

Would you like to make a difference in the life of a young person?

If so, check out the Inner Pipeline seminars offered by The Pipeline Project during Spring Quarter 2013. Students receive credit for attending a seminar once a week and tutoring in Seattle schools or community organizations for 2.5 hours or more per week.There are a wide range of seminar topics.Here is a comprehensive list of our upcoming offerings:


*  Higher Education Tutoring & Mentorship (EDUC 401 G&H)

*  Arts and K-12 Education (EDUC 401 Y)


*  General Issues in K-12 Education (EDUC 401B)

*  Literacy and Justice through Photograph (EDUC 401 Z)

*  Non-profits and Education (EDUC 401 V)

*  Leadership in Education Equity (EDUC 401 X)


*  Teaching/Tutoring English Language Learners (EDUC 401 A)

*  General Issues in K-12 Education (EDUC 401E)

*  Education in the Justice System (401F)

*  Refugee Communities (EDUC 401J)

*  Education for Sustainability (EDUC 401K)

*  Strength Based Education: Serving the Underserved (EDUC 401 W)

*  Mentoring in Educational Psychology (EDUC 401)


*  Philosophy for Children (EDUC 401 L)

*  Math and Science in K-12 Education (EDUC 401 I)

*  Literacy and Justice through Photograph (EDUC 401 Z)

*  COOL Science Education (EDUC 401 )


Details and descriptions for each seminar may be found on our website:

All students should attend a mandatory Pipeline orientation prior to the first class session.You may sign-up and rsvp at

Please contact us at with additional questions.We look forward to working with you.



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