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MOHAI (the Museum of History and Industry) initiative for UW innovators

Quick recap of the contest:
MOHAI (the Museum of History and Industry) is holding an innovation contest on Twitter.

The Contest Rundown

1. Sketch your innovation or idea on a cocktail napkin and tweet it.

2. The coolest idea wins a provisional patent and $500 on Kickstarter

How To Enter

1.       Print out the napkin housed here:

2.       Sketch a cool idea or innovation on it

3.       Tweet a photo of the napkin using hashtag #InnovationMOHAI before December 1st

4.       Winners will be selected by an expert innovation panel at MOHAI


·         Washington State residents 18 and over

·         1 entry per person/Twitter handle per week

·         Entrants do NOT cede intellectual property rights to MOHAI for their sketched idea.


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