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Ottenberg-Winans Fellowship Fund African Studies Program, University of Washington

The Ottenberg-Winans Fellowship fund was established to honor the contributions of Professors Simon Ottenberg and Edgar V. Winans to the African Studies Program at the University of Washington as well as to recognize their contributions of the field of African Studies. During their distinguished careers, Professors Ottenberg and Winans taught and mentored numerous students and made important contributions to scholarship on Africa. The fellowship honors these contributions by supporting University of Washington undergraduate and graduate student research in Africa and by supporting students from universities in Africa who attend University of Washington as part of various exchange programs.

Eligible students may be enrolled in any undergraduate, graduate or professional school at the University of Washington.  For UW students traveling to Africa, the fellowship can be used to support travel and related expenses, living expenses, and research materials.  For students from African universities visiting or studying at UW, fellowship funds can be used to support these types of expenses as well as course materials or other expenses related to attending the University of Washington.  Multiple fellowships are expected to be awarded for amounts up to $1000.

Fellowship applications are due on April 5, 2013.  Copies of the application materials can be downloaded from:

Questions about the fellowship or the application process should be directed to:


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