OMA&D Academic Counseling Services

July 30, 2020

Paid Internship Opportunity for Undergraduates: Opportunity for Somali or Vietnamese Speakers

name is John Compton and I am the President/CEO of One City Project, a
Seattle-based nonprofit that seeks to honor and elevate languages and cultures
that live in our Puget Sound community.

am writing today to share information about a paid internship opportunity for bilingual undergraduates.
Our internship program allows undergraduate students to explore teaching by
placing them in a school setting where their linguistic and cultural skills are
highly impactful, including working with students who share the intern’s
language and their cultural background.. This year’s internship is available
for undergraduates who have conversational proficiency in either Somali
or Vietnamese language. The opportunity is not limited to students
studying education: students from any academic field are encouraged to apply.

internship amounts to 105 hours supporting bilingual education classrooms in
Highline Public Schools, and pays a stipend of $1,800. Our application
deadline is September 4
, and interns are expected to start their in-class
experience in January 2021.

We know that there is a good deal of uncertainty in the plans to reopen public
schools, and we are going to be flexible based on the re-opening plans at
Highline. In our ideal scenario interns will support bilingual classes
in-person, but we are prepared to have interns support online education if that
is the situation in January. The health and safety of our interns and school
partners is top-priority, and we’re going to be flexible to have the most
enriching learning experience for all.

full details on the internship, please visit the internship page on our

your program has an internship requirement that requires more than 105 hours of
service, we are willing to work with interns to expand the scope of their
internship to meet departmental internship requirements.