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Physics 248B New Course Listing- How Things Work (5 credits) NW

PHYSICS 248B (Selected Topic in Physics) 
“The Physics of How Things Work”  (NW)5 CREDITS  
SLN: 22465 Meets: MW 2:30pm-3:50pm
IN ROOM: Physics-Astronomy Building Rm PAA A110 
 Instructor:  Professor Blinov
 ANY QUESTIONS?   Please email Professor Blinov at
                Course description:
This Physics 248B course uses everyday, or, at least, familiar objects
 to introduce basic physics concepts. For  example, discussions of skating,
 falling balls, and bumper cars are  used to explain the Newton’s Laws of Motion.
 Air conditioners and  automobiles are used to explore concepts of thermodynamics.
 Engineers,  architects, and professionals in other fields will benefit from the
 material that connects science to our everyday world. The website for
 the course is:


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