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Spend the Summer in León, Spain Studying Spanish Pop Culture!

Summer A Term, 2013 (June 22-July 24)

 In a nation better known for its romantic and folkloric traditions, what constitutes popular culture? Our study site in León, Spain will allow us to look beyond the stereotypical notions of a nation of bullfighters, flamenco, and romanticized gypsies to deconstruct some of the clichés that have historically determined foreign perceptions of Spain. Topics to be considered include: Historical memory and television, pop music of the Movida era, fútbol and nationalism, representations of the immigrant, molecular gastronomy and the new Spanish cuisine, and past and present marketing campaigns for tourism to Spain.

The program will have two tracks. Each track will be 6 credits total:

Track 1: SPAN 393 (Culture)- 3 credits

SPAN 393 (Language)- 3 credits

Track 2: SPAN 462 (Culture)- 5 credits

SPAN 499 (Independent Project)- 1 credit

SPAN 393 /SPAN 462 will be offered together, with the 300-level students studying alongside the 400-level students for the first hour of class.  The 300-level students will then have an intensive language class, while the 400-level students stay in the culture class for an additional hour to dig deeper into issues involving modern Spanish culture and society.  The 400-level students will also have an independent research project (SPAN 499, 1 credit), in which they will further investigate a topic of interest to them related to Spanish culture and society.  They will present this project to the group and to the local community in León at the end of the program.

Deadline for application: FEBRUARY 15.

 Students may find the application at:

Contact Prof. Leigh Mercer ( with questions.





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