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Study Abroad in the Outback 2014

Join the College of Engineering and the LSAMP (OMA&D)

for a Summer of Research in the Down Under

Here’s your personal invitation to be part of the STEM Australia “Down Under” study abroad exploration seminar hosted by  Dr. Chris Lum, Aeronautics and Astronautics, and your COE & OMAD Staff.  Come leave your foot print as over 30 of your STEM peers have done over the last two years.

Oh yeah, here we go again, our third year of learning and fun down under. Geared for the science and engineering scholar, students will experience first-hand the use of autonomous robotic systems in the exploration and collection of data relevant to the study and monitoring of biological and agricultural systems.  Students will explore both technological aspects of autonomous data collection as well as local cultural and sociological factors related to use of technology as it pertains to local ecology. The program will take place at Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia) and at the Samford Ecological Research Facility.

 Scheduled Information Session:

3:30 – 4:30 * 355 Loew Hall

Thursday, February 6th


Information sessions will discuss topics regarding studying abroad, project, financial aid information, visa requirements, etc.

Place maybe, coulda, shoulda on Hold.  Tomorrow is here.   Come on over mate, have a Tim Tam, and experience what your 2012 & 2013 peers have set up for you.


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