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Studying Abroard with OMA&D

Ia Orana Globetrotters of the University of Washington!

We are pleased to invite you to apply for our 5th year of Studying Abroad in Tahiti:

Our research and experiences will focus around the use of historical, geographic, and la culture Ma’ohi lens to explore these issues and to engage students in conversations about identity and place, cultural diffusion, and notions of community.

One of the unique benefits of our trip is that students residence, while in Tahiti you will have the Pacific ocean as your backyard!

Here’s a video project from the trip:

Video project

On January 17th from noon to 1:30 pm OMA&D will be hosting a workshop around OMA&D Study Abroad trips and the FISCAL RESPONSIBILTIES that accompany such a commitment.

WHO – Interested students wanting to study abroad

WHAT – Workshop to assist in decision making around responsibilities of study abroad


WHEN – 01-17-13 @ noon to 1:30 pm PST

WHY – Studying abroad is by far the greatest educational experience I have ever been part of and would like all students to have these opportunities.  However, COMMITTING and AGREEING to a contract has you accepting fiscal responsibility that our office is attempting to help clarify for students interested in studying abroad to all destinations!

 OMA&D Study Abroad destinations this year:

Tahiti term A – Australia term A – Barbados term A – Ghana term B

There are also two other trips going to Tahiti this summer, Anthropology w/ Mimi Khan term A & iSchool w/Chris Rothschild in term B.  Both trips are with quality instructors and great people, and hope you will consider one of their trips if one of the OMA&D doesn’t work for you.


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