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The Q Center is hiring – Deadline: May 8 2012

Our vision: The Q Center envisions a University of Washington community(ies) where justice, equality, compassion, and respect for all people prevail

Our mission: We facilitate and enhance a brave, affirming, liberatory, and celebratory environment for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all sexual and gender orientation, identities, and expressions.

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Positions available:

  • Safe Zone Program Coordinator: The Safe Zone Project, through education, advocacy, visibility, and skill development, supports faculty and staff to create more affirming spaces for students and colleagues. The Project is designed to radically reduce prejudice and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression at the University of Washington campus and create a safer and affirming campus.
  • Mentorship Program Coordinator: The Q Center is connecting UW students who are discovering, exploring, questioning, or otherwise engaging with their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression with UW students, faculty, staff, or alumni who have been there, can relate, and have life experiences from which to draw upon to provide amazing mentoring.
  • Affiliation Program Coordinator: The Q Center is a community space, and a number of UW groups and community groups in the Seattle area meet here for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual events. Our Affiliation Program will be designed to offer these groups who frequent the Q Center extra resources such as facilitation skill building, networking and community building skills through workshops, and leadership meetings, and skill shares.
  • Q Center/ Ethnic Cultural Center Advocate: The Q Center and Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC) on campus are both People of Color organizations on campus. The person in this position will have an investment in both spaces. The two organizations center the values of these communities in increasing self-advocacy skills, and making decisions that align with their personal and communal interests.
  • foQus, Delta Lambda Phi, Gay City, Queer Student Commision Advocate: “Masculinity, is a ‘‘homosocial experience, performed for, and judged by, other men.’ The success of the performance comes down to ‘‘the single cardinal rule of manhood, the one from which all the other characteristics — wealth, power, status, strength, physicality — are derived. ‘That is, to demonstrate, constantly and repeatedly, that you’re not gay” (Kimmel, 2009). The above quote zooms in on the heterosexism and sexism inherent within dominant US culture. The Q Center sees a need to disrupt these processes because the effects within gay, queer men and women, and trans* communities, can be damaging to interpersonal relationships, community building, self-esteem, and health and well being.
  • Volunteer Program Coordinator: The Q Center Volunteer program is intended to offer UW students, staff, faculty, and alumni an opportunity to work alongside the Q Centers. This includes learning how to create community programs, which involves communication, facilitation, delegation, networking, and advertising skills. Coordinators will serve as a point person for Q Center volunteers and be a resource to them.

All applications are due by May 8th . Please turn in both the application and questionnaire to the Q Center front desk. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or call 206-897-1430


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