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YMCA Bold Multicultural Fellowship Program – Deadline: April 1 2012

Please spread the word about these one and two year paid fellowships in youth development and education with the Seattle YMCA and the University of Washington College of Education for young adults of color. Information can be found below, in this online brochure or at

Please note that the priority deadline for the first round of selection is April 1st.

Multicultural Fellowship Program

Designed to cultivate diverse leadership in the education and youth development sectors these one and two year fellowships for young adults of color provide an opportunity to develop the talent and tools to make a lasting impact in your community. Each fellowship is designed to provide as much hands on youth work experience as possible while still providing the training and skills in program facilitation and management needed to succeed in the fields of education, youth development and non-profit leadership. If you are looking to be a mentor for young people, to make a difference in a young person’s life and willing to challenge yourself physically and emotionally than this is for you. No experience necessary, a commitment to serving others required.

The Dudley Edmondson Fellowship in Youth Development and Education

One Year Fellowships (15 MONTHS) The aim of this fellowship is to help a young adult of color develop the project management, teaching, facilitation, leadership, communication, curriculum planning and development, and technical skills needed to thrive in the education, non-profit and youth development sectors through hands on job training and mentorship. In this position you will put ideas into practice as a program coordinator and facilitation specialist working with middle and high school youth in after school programs and summer expeditions. You will help young people get on track for success in high school and college by learning how to challenge themselves physically and emotionally, work with others, set and achieve goals and develop a tolerance for adversity and uncertainty. You will learn to use many mediums to do this including environmental and outdoor education, arts and theater, athletics and many other activities that can help build relationships and push! students outside of their comfort zone. Your daily responsibilities will be group work and teaching, volunteer recruitment, program and project management, coordination of after school programs, individual counseling, problem solving, networking and relationship building and goofing off. During the academic year, you will be a part of an AmeriCorps team of 15 colleagues and supported by seasoned staff. By the end of this fellowship, you will have the skills and certifications necessary to not only get a job and succeed in a career in education, non-profit leadership or youth development but you’ll have fun and make an impact doing it.

Schedule and Timeline

  • Start in June of 2012 in Seattle, WA
  • June-August: Apprentice on GOLD or BOLD Mountain School summer trips.
  • September-June: Coordinator of afterschool youth development programs for YMCA GOLD, BOLD or Earth Service Corps as an AmeriCorps member.
  • July-September: Instructor on GOLD or BOLD Mountain School summer trips.
  • Optional nine month paid extension as a youth worker with our international program partners Outward Bound South Africa, Outward Bound Kenya or YMCA of Columbia.

Upon completion of this fellowship you will receive a certificate in Youth Development and Education from the YMCA, pertinent certifications for working in the non-profit and education sectors, a $4,000 scholarship for a NOLS course (National Outdoor Leadership School— of your choice and a $4,500 AmeriCorps education award.

As a fellow you will receive a living allowance of $1,100/mo + $300 EBT, health insurance, YMCA gym and yoga membership, and paid time off.

“My year as a BOLD Fellow was amazing, I learned so much about myself as a leader and a teacher. Coming from New York I never thought I would be climbing mountains or camping in the woods but by the end of my AmeriCorps year I was confident and comfortable, which was a big help when I was taking recent immigrants out on their first trip ever. BOLD also helped me get the skills to land a great job, after finishing my free NOLS course I got the first job I applied for. I highly recommend BOLD to anyone looking to help young people, make a difference and challenge themself.”
-Mick Arieta, BOLD Fellow 2010-2011

University of Washington Master’s In Education: A Fellowship in Environmental Education and Non-Profit Leadership

TWO YEAR FELLOWSHIPS (27 MONTHS) This graduate degree fellowship provides a young adult of color with the unique opportunity to not only explore academic approaches to education and teaching but to put that experience into practice as an instructor for BOLD or GOLD during the summers and an environmental educator and scholar with IslandWood and the University of Washington during the school year. Specifically this adventure is for a youth worker who is seeking an education degree for traditional classroom education as well as, more experiential models such as environmental and outdoor education. An interest in environmental science is needed but a prior degree in the natural sciences is not required. Your first summer will be with BOLD or GOLD leading outdoor expeditions for low income youth. In the end of August you will move to Bainbridge Island for a nine month residency at IslandWood, a leading environmental education center that works with predominately low income elementar! y schools from Seattle. During your residency you will work to towards a Master’s in Education from the University of Washington with a focus on either Science Education or Teaching and Curriculum which you will complete the following year at the UW campus in Seattle.

This 27 month fellowship is as follows:

  • Start in June of 2012 in Seattle, WA
  • June-August: Apprentice on GOLD or BOLD Mountain School summer trips.
  • September-June: Residency at IslandWood on Bainbridge Island, WA teaching environmental education and studying for a Master’s in Education or Science.
  • July-August 2013: Instructor on GOLD or BOLD Mountain School summer trips.
  • September-March: Two quarters in Seattle at the UW Campus to complete your Masters in Education. One additional quarter is required for an optional Masters in Teaching.
  • April: Additional quarter for a Masters in Teaching or celebration and goofing off.
  • May-August 2014: Staff trainer and instructor on GOLD or BOLD Mountain School summer trips.

Upon completion of this fellowship you will receive a Master’s in Education with a focus on either Science Education or Teaching and Curriculum from the University of Washington and a $4,000 scholarship for a NOLS course (National Outdoor Leadership School— of your choice.

As a fellow, you will receive a tuition waiver of 35-50% (up to $15,000) off of tuition and room and board, a small living stipend of $300 per month and earn $2,500-$4,500

“My experience with B.O.L.D this year has been awesome! I have been able to do so many amazing things that I would not be able to do on my own and learned a lot about myself and what it means to be a part of a team that really cares about its staff and the children they facilitate. Nothing brings me more joy and happiness then seeing a child discovers new things about themselves. This fellowship has allowed me to fulfill my goals of becoming an educator with a masters degree and to educate children in the natural history that is all around the Pacific Northwest. IslandWood is a state of the art facility with friendly staff that make you feel at home and welcomed. I would recommend this program to any graduate that loves nature, being in the outdoors, helping children and youth, meeting amazing people and who wants to experience a new side of themselves.” Mashawn Butler, current BOLD/IslandWood Fellow

How to Apply:

To apply please compile the following:

      A resume detailing your professional experience including volunteer work and leadership activities while at college or life experience in lieu of college.
      A cover letter no longer than one page single spaced detailing: Why you are interested in youth development and education. What your long term career goals are and why you believe this fellowship will help you get there. Your tolerance for uncertainty and adversity and trying new things (all fellowships include an outdoor adventure component— no experience is required but an ability to try new things and put yourself out there is essential).
      A picture of you doing one of your favorite goofing off activities (youth appropriate). Be creative.
      And e-mail it with a subject line of “Fellowship Application” to: Andrew Jay—BOLD Director,, P: 206.223.1624

    Admission is on a rolling basis until all positions are filled. Priority deadline is April 1st and Final Deadline in May 1st. Click here to see BOLD Fellowship Brochure–>


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