Vijayakrishna K. (V.K.) Gadi, MD, PhD

Vijayakrishna K. (V.K.) Gadi, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Oncology

Mailing Address

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
825 Eastlake Ave E, G3-630
Seattle, WA 98109-1023

Admin Contact

Tabitha Headrick
Fax: 206.606.2054

Specialty / Expertise

Breast Cancer

Research Interests

  • Clinic practice in breast and hematologic malignancy and hematopoietic transplantation
  • Immunogenetics of and immunotherapy for solid tumors (breast)
  • Cell-based therapy for immunologic tolerance in hematopoietic and solid organ transplantation
  • Non-invasive surrogate biomarkers for transplant rejection and cancer detection

Current Research Projects

Fred Hutchinson/University of Washington Cancer Consortium Phase 1 Clinical Trials Program
State of Washington Life Sciences and Discovery Fund (Principle Investigator)
Develop an assay and validate genomic copy number changes at specific loci as biomarkers of PARP1 inhibitor sensitivity in tumors from patients participating on clinical trials at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Breast Cancer
SPORE NIH/NCI (Clinical Core Co-Investigator)
To facilitate translational research through the support of clinical trials and clinical research studies.

Cancer Center Support Grant
Increasing scientific collaboration and interactions through consortium arrangement; build on existing strengths in immunologic and molecular approaches to solid tumor diagnosis, treatment and prevention; lead in application of molecular approaches to population sciences.

HIFU (Co-Investigator)
Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation
Induction of an immune response to breast cancer with MR-guided focused ultrasound tumor ablation.

Induction of an immune response to breast cancer with Magnetic Resonance-guided focused ultrasound tumor ablation in a mouse model
Breast Cancer Research Program (Co-Investigator)
FHCRC/UW Consortium
We will study the effects of HIFU in a mouse model of breast cancer to determine whether ablation can induce an immune response. Data from this study will be used to plan a trial of HIFU treatment of breast cancer in humans.  Role: Co-Investigator.

Comprehensive PRO Management for Oncology Practice
Caracal, Inc.
Integrate patient-reported outcomes, clinically relevant information, evidence-based medicine, and technology and methodology for on-demand, individualized clinical guidelines and treatment decision trees.

Fetal Microchimerism in Breast Cancer
Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation
This study will identify the precise differences in fetal microchimerism in breast cancer patients compared to healthy women and lead to new research directions involving mechanistic and translational studies for direct patient benefit.

Donor Derived DNA in Urine as a Biomarker for Renal Allograft Injury
The hypothesis tested is that donor-derived genomic DNA released into urine of KT recipients can serve as a noninvasive, quantitative biomarker for necrotic damage resulting from allograft rejection or injury.


Dr. Gadi received his MD and PhD from the University of Alabama School of Medicine at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL. He completed his Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA. He was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Oncology at the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA.

Selected Publications

Dunnwald LK, Doot RK, Specht JM, Gralow JR, Ellis GK, Livingston RB, Linden HM, Gadi VK, Kurland BF, Schubert EK, Muzi M, Mankoff DA. PET Tumor Metabolism in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Value of Static versus Kinetic Measures of Fluorodeoxyglucose Uptake. Clin Cancer Res. 2011 Apr 15;17(8):2400-9. Epub 2011 Mar 1.

Yan Z, Aydelotte T, Gadi VK, Guthrie KA, Nelson JL. Acquisition of the rheumatoid arthritis HLA shared epitope through microchimerism. Arthritis Rheum. 2011 Mar;63(3):640-4. doi: 10.1002/art.30160.

Sunku Cuddapah CS, Gadi VK, de Laval de Lacoste B, Guthrie KA, Nelson JL. Maternal and fetal microchimerism in granulocytes. Chimerism. 2010 Jul;1(1):11-14.

Kieran N, Muczynski K, Gadi VK. Novel diagnostics in renal transplantation. Chimerism. 2010 Oct;1(2):69-73.

Gadi VK. Fetal microchimerism in breast from women with and without breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2010 May;121(1):241-4. Epub 2009 Sep 19.

Gadi VK. Fetal microchimerism and cancer. Cancer Lett. 2009 Apr 8;276(1):8-13. Epub 2008 Oct 9. Review.

Gadi VK, Malone KE, Guthrie KA, Porter PL, Nelson JL. Case-control study of fetal microchimerism and breast cancer. PLoS One. 2008 Mar 5;3(3):e1706.

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Gadi VK, Nelson JL, Boespflug ND, Guthrie KA, Kuhr CS. Soluble donor DNA concentrations in recipient serum correlate with pancreas-kidney rejection. Clin Chem. 2006 Mar;52(3):379-82. Epub 2006 Jan 5.

Bharara S, Sorscher EJ, Gillespie GY, Lindsey JR, Hong JS, Curlee KV, Allan PW, Gadi VK, Alexander SA, Secrist JA 3rd, Parker WB, Waud WR. Antibiotic-mediated chemoprotection enhances adaptation of E. coli PNP for herpes simplex virus-based glioma therapy. Hum Gene Ther. 2005 Mar;16(3):339-47.

Gadi VK, Alexander SD, Waud WR, Allan PW, Parker WB, Sorscher EJ. A long-acting suicide gene toxin, 6-methylpurine, inhibits slow growing tumors after a single administration. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2003 Mar;304(3):1280-4.

Gadi VK, Alexander SD, Kudlow JE, Allan P, Parker WB, Sorscher EJ. In vivo sensitization of ovarian tumors to chemotherapy by expression of E. coli purine nucleoside phosphorylase in a small fraction of cells. Gene Ther. 2000 Oct;7(20):1738- 43.

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Last updated: May 2011