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Course Title Search

Another V4 feature we added SWS is the ability to submit a search query against course titles. You can now create your own application search feature for your users.

The below web request performs a course search using “info” as the contains search text against course titles. This returns 216 search results showing only 10 results at a time.

Lastly, we also offer paging so you can receive the total result count, page size, and page start to help you enable paging in your application.


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Student Web Service V4

On August 3rd we released a new version of SWS.

This release still supports v3, and adds version 4 which introduces Campus, College, Department, and Curriculum search capabilities, as well as an update to Course search, and Section.

Click here for documentation.

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Course descriptions are here!

Course descriptions have been an elusive piece of data for many developers at the UW for some time now. Some developers resorted to screen scraping the UW time schedule, a set of html pages, to get access to the data however those days are behind us now. Course description is now available in the Student Web Service with our most recent V4 release.

Here is an example:,summer,CSE,100

We are still looking at the possibility of delivering Instructor Submitted Course Descriptions.

Happy programming!