Web Service Discussion Group Ignites! Thursday March 4

When: Thursday, March 4 from 3-5pm.

Where: Odegaard Undergraduate Library, Room 220


1. Brian Ferris (CSE) – OneBusAway: Improving the Usability of Public Transit

2. Zephyr McLaughlin (UW Tech) – Getting Our Umbrellas Wet – A Cloud Integration Story

3. Scott Stephenson (Office of Information Management) – Enterprise Architecture and Web Services: Better Together

4. David Morton (UW Tech) – Mobile Authentication: The Current State

5. Jim Earnshaw (Chemistry) – How a ‘Nonprogrammer’ Uses the Group Web Service RESTful Interface

6. Nathan Dors (UW Tech) – A Top 20 Countdown: the Service Catalog

7. Darcy Van Patten (OIM) – Moving from Redundancy to Reuse: on the ROAd to SDB replacement

8. Tim Bond (Informatics) – Course Enrollment Tracker

9. RL “Bob” Morgan (UW Tech) – OAuth Magic

10. Paul Schurr (OIM) – Three Cheers (and One Jeer) for Kuali Rice

11. Matt Winslow (Registrar) – The R25 Web Service

12. Jaewha Lee (OIM) – Bring It On! The Person Web Service

13. Sean Vaughan (UW Tech) – REX: Simple SQL-XML-ReST Mapping

14. Tony Chang (OIM) – The Greatness that Is the SWS Enrollment Resource

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